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Center for Combinatorial Chemical Biology

Purdue University is extremely fortunate to have outstanding research strengths in the identification of biological targets involved in disease states on the one hand, and the design and synthesis of therapeutic agents on the other. The Center for Combinatorial Chemical Biology (CCCB) seeks to integrate these strengths presently at Purdue by enabling the application of novel chemicals to probe unique biological systems under investigation in individual research programs.

The Center for Combinatorial Chemical Biology is a campus-wide facility at Purdue University that has been established to facilitate:

  1. the synthesis of libraries of small organic compounds and peptides
  2. the evaluation of these libraries against molecular and cellular targets.

Instrumentation is provided for compound library preparation, screening for biological activity and cell culture growth and imaging.

Faculty contacts:
  Jean Chmielewski:   chml@purdue.edu
  Jo Davisson:   vjd@pharmacy.purdue.edu
  Richard Gibbs:   rgibbs@purdue.edu
  Mark Lipton:   lipton@purdue.edu

The facility is maintained and supported by the Departments of Chemistry and Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology at Purdue University.

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