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Join us for the 2nd Conference on Transforming Research in Undergraduate STEM Education (TRUSE)

A Conference to Promote the Integration of Research on Undergraduate Science and Mathematics Education

5:00 PM, June 3 - Noon, June 7, 2012

University of St. Thomas

St. Paul, MN


TRUSE 2012 Conference Speakers

(Presentations from plenary speakers and talks by TRUSE minigrant recipients will be posted on the speakers page as they are provided. Information from targeted sessions will also be posted on the speakers page as provided by conference participants.)

Dr. Myles Boylan, Program Director, National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education

Dr. David Bressoud, Macalester College, Dept. of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Stacey Lowery Bretz, Miami University, Ohio, Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry

Dr. Melanie Cooper, Clemson University, Dept. of Chemistry

Dr. Melissa Dancy, University of Colorado-Boulder, Dept. of Physics

Dr. Noah Finkelstein, Univeristy of Boulder, Colorado, Dept. of Physics

Dr. Mike Klymkowsky, University of Colorado-Boulder, Dept. of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Dr. Vilma Mesa, University of Michigan, School of Education

Dr. Joe Redish, University of Maryland, Dept. of Physics

Dr. Finbarr Sloane, Arizona State University, Educational Leadership and Innovation

Dr. Keith Weber, Rutgers University, Graduate School of Education

Dr. Michael Wittmann, University of Maine, Dept. of Physics

Dr. Michelle Zandieh, Arizona State University, Dept. of Applied Sciences & Mathematics 

TRUSE 2012 Conference Themes

  • Theoretical foundations and methodologies: Conceptualizing work in research on undergraduate discipline-based STEM education
  • Assessment: How do we measure outcomes of interest and what is the nature of the claims we make?
  • Transfer of knowledge and concepts within and across domains
  • Nature of knowledge for teaching in the discipline
  • First year courses: How do we best support student success?

This conference will bring together researchers in undergraduate mathematics, physics, and chemistry education to transform and integrate research across disciplines. In addition to plenary sessions there will be poster sessions, working groups to interact and plan with new colleagues, and interactive free time. This is your chance to be part of an emerging community of scholars collaborating across disciplinary lines!

TRUSE 2012 Information

Conference Schedule

Conference Participants List

Conference Evaluation Sheet

More information about travel and poster sessions can be found on the Travel and Posters pages.

Cool Happenings

Venus in Transit

On Tuesday, June 5, in the late afternoon and evening, the Transit of Venus 2012 will occur. While you are attending the conference, you will be able to veiw this event at the University of Minnesota. For additional information and to view a scheduled of events for this stellar event can be found at Venus Transit.




This conference is generously sponsored by the National Science Foundation through grants DUE-CCLI # 0941515 and 0941191.