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Bioinorganic Chemistry

The Abu-Omar Research Group specializes in Catalysis, Renewable Energy, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.


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Group News & Updates

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) production on-demand in water: Graduate student Scott Hicks in collaboration with colleagues in chemical engineering and Professor Nam's laboratory in Korea describe the kinetics and mechanism for non-heme manganese catalysts in the production of ClO2 from chlorite under ambient conditions. See our paper in JACS. Read More>>

Degenerative alkyl group transfer in Zr catalyzed hexene polymerization: Graduate students Keith Steelman (Chemistry) and Silei Xiong (Chemical Engineering) uncover the mechanistic and kinetic basis for activator concentration dependence in olefin polymerization using Zr catalysts. Sometimes less activator is better. See our paper in ACS Catalysis. Read More>>

Pincer PNN rhenium complexes in three different oxidation states : Dr. Ram Pichaandi (postdoc) and Mike Mazzotta (graduate student) synthesized rhenium carbonyl complexes in three different oxidation states. Check out our paper in Organometallics. Read More>>

Zwitterionic ROP kinetics and modeling : In collaboration with the Waymouth group and colleagues in Chemical Engineering at Purdue, we were able to learn new mechanistic insights on how organic catalysts give high MW polymers from lactone. Our results just appeared in Macromolecules. Read More>>

Reusable Re nanocrystalline catalyst for acceptorless dehydrogenation: Graduate student Jing Yi and colleagues from chemical engineering report on the preparation of unsupported rhenium NP (nano particles) and demosntrate their use in alcohol dehydrogenation via a C-H activation mechanism . Our results just appeared in Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed . Read More>>


Advances in 5-hydroxymethylfurfural production from biomass in biphasic solvents: Read our review with Dr. Saha in Green Chemistry. Link>>

Catalytic Dehydration of Lignocellulosic Derived Xylose to Furfural: Our chapter in Plants and Bioenergy book with Drs. Mosier and Saha. Read More>>

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