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The Abu-Omar Research Group specializes in Catalysis, Renewable Energy, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.


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Group News & Updates

Reusable Re nanocrystalline catalyst for acceptorless dehydrogenation : Graduate student Jing Yi and colleagues from chemical engineering report on the preparation of unsupported rhenium NP (nano particles) and demosntrate their use in alcohol dehydrogenation via a C-H activation mechanism . Our results just appeared in Angewandte Chem. Int. Ed . Read More>>


Advances in 5-hydroxymethylfurfural production from biomass in biphasic solvents: Read our review with Dr. Saha in Green Chemistry. Link>>

Catalytic Dehydration of Lignocellulosic Derived Xylose to Furfural: Our chapter in Plants and Bioenergy book with Drs. Mosier and Saha. Read More>>

Cleavage and hydrodeoxygenation (HDO) of C-O bonds in lignin using Pd/Zn catalyst: Dr. Trenton Parsell (postdoc) et al report on a novel bimetallic Zn/Pd/C catalyst that can cleave lignin polymers and achieve selective HDO leaving the aromatic rings unscathed. This methodology opens a new avenue for biomass pretreatment and adding value to lignin. Our results just appeared as an edge article in Chemical Science. Read More>>

Mechanism of MTO-Catalyzed Deoxydehydration (DODH) of vicinal diols: Graduate student Shuo Liu and postdoc Aysegul Senocak show the involvement of a rhenium(III)/(V) cycle in this reaction that has been employed to make valuable chemicals from biomass-derived polyols. Read about our mechanism in Organometallics. Read More>>

Kinetics of olefin polymerization: In collaboration with colleagues in the school of chemical engineering, we have been able to uncover physical descriptors that control chain transfer in single site olefin polymerization catalysts. See our findings in JACS. Read More>>

Comparison of polymerization kinetics for Zr versus Hf: We carried out a full kinetic analysis of 1-hexene polymerization on selected Zr and Hf single-site catalysts. Each elementary step-specific rate constant that involves the insertion of a monomer is reduced by an order of magnitude for Hf. These findings have appeared in Organometallics. Read More>>

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