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     Study abroad opportunities, community outreach, and research programs are just a few of the benefits of our Undergraduate Program. Here's what a few of our recent graduates say about Purdue Chemistry:

Rachel    "Purdue has taught me more than just academia. I've learned to be strong, adventureous, and to make a difference. There may be times where you want to give up, but those challenges allow you to grow. So find a goal and overcome obstacles and never, ever, give up!"
Matthew    "I had the fantastic opportunity of working with Prof. Amy Davidson my first semester in CHM 197 which I carried through as CHM 499 for the next four semesters. This allowed me to get a summer job in a discovery biology lab at Eli Lilly and solidified my interest in the healthcare industry."
Brannon    "Purdue has so much diversity and the many opportunities it provided have prepared me well for my next steps in obtaining my Ph.D. in chemistry."
Joe    "As a tutor for the multicultural science programs, it was rewarding to see my students succeed. And I really enjoyed being a part of the College of Science diversity programs where I collaborated with a global network of scientists."
Cortni    "The two most rewarding experiences I've had at Purdue are studying abroad for a semester in Ireland through the College of Science and having Julie Mills as an advisor. She really helped me find what I'm passionate about and truly shaped my time here at Purdue."
Anyang    "I learned a lot about polymer chemistry and material science in Dr. Thompson’s lab, which also leads me to study chemical engineering at the graduate level. Novel polymeric materials can solve challenging problems, such as renewable energy, treatment of cancer and greenhouse effect."
kelsey    "The opportunity to intern my senior year introduced me to an analytical lab setting which I have learned is the type of lab setting I prefer over something more organic. This experience has been beneficial in applying for chemistry jobs."
Cory    "My work this past summer was funded through the Purdue Center for Cancer Research where I worked on a project to make a macromolecule capable of targeting breast cancer. I really enjoy taking what I've learned in Chemistry courses and applying it to practical situations."
Rachel    "Chemistry has an enormous alumni network. I met many different Purdue grads during my internships at Procter and Gamble. This allowed me to make many more network connections than I would have been able to if I went to a smaller school."

   "My research study abroad in Germany prepared me for the global marketplace. All of the great experiences I’ve had during the past four years are because of Purdue."


   "Collaborating with fellow Chemistry students, we created an innovative firework casing out of corn to win Purdue’s Soybean and Corn Innovation. But undoubtedly the biggest reward of the competition is the life-long friendships it created."

Stewart    "I've been an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Bodner's Chemistry Education lab for the past four years and my latest project is creating special images of organic molecules to aid in the education of the visually impaired."
Melissa    "I had the opportunity to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Living in a foreign country, observing another culture, and applying the Spanish language all around me was such an amazing and invaluable experience."

    "I always tell people that Purdue is the greatest university for students who are ready to put ideas into action. This school builds leaders prepared to take on the world's problems, and our track record is tried and true."

Amber     “I really care about using science to research diseases and aid in fighting malnourishment in Third World countries. Purdue is a life-changing place to discover not just knowledge and academia but who I am as an individual."
leslie      “I was fortunate enough to be a member of the Chmielewski Research Lab for four years, with a-soon-to be second author publication. Also, I had the opportunity to study abroad for a semester in France where I was able to apply chemistry in the French language."
simseok      “I majored in chemical engineering but applied my chemistry course experience towards my research. Purdue is a dynamic place where you can challenge your limits. I value the academic and ethnic diversity here."
mengmeng      “Growing cancer cells and making dyes for cancer cells in Dr. Philip Low's lab for two semesters and doing an internship at Eli Lilly in their manufacturing department has been great preparation for med school.”
drew      "Through Purdue's job fairs, I had an internship opportunity as a Quality Control Analyst for Grain Processing Corporation in Washington, Indiana. All of this experience has been vital in developing the skills required for a lab chemist career."
rebecca      "A rewarding experience for me was volunteering at Purdue Space Day. As a future teacher, it was great to work with kids in a nontraditional setting. We all enjoyed meeting the astronauts that participated in the event as well."
sean      "I had the opportunity to work on an original research project with fellow undergraduates in Chemistry. We started the project from scratch applying for grants, creating our own methods, and presenting our findings. I will apply this experience during my career."
katie      "Working in a group lab has taught me a lot about research protocols and thought processes. Balancing that with being a varsity athlete, working in the resource room, being a member of ΑΧΣ as well as keeping up with classes has trained me to manage my time efficiently."
jon      “This is an elite, internationally renowned university with a hometown feel. With so many great professors, organizations, and real-world connections, Purdue puts the world in your hands, and students can literally do anything with their college experience.”
emily      "Purdue is a place full of opportunities where you can challenge yourself in ways that help you reach your career goals and also help you grow as a person. You can be successful if you are willing to work hard.”
cyrus      "My extracurricular activities included serving as a Purdue Promise Peer Mentor for two years and a Supplemental Instruction Leader for two semesters. My time here has been rewarding and an extremely good learning experience."
conghui      “Undergraduate group research introduced me to a whole new scientific world outside the classroom. The hands-on learning experiences I’ve had at Purdue provided me many career options.”
nick      "I took advantage of summer study abroad in Florence, Italy. I received six credits worth of courses in six weeks, fulfilling my College of Science language requirement. The experience abroad was unlike any other."
kasi      "Purdue is the perfect place to receive a prestigious education while simultaneously developing yourself into an accomplished individual who is ready to influence the world. And the College of Science has provided guidance whenever I felt confused about determining my next step.”
samantha      "During the student teaching process, I have learned a lot about myself, as well as the art of teaching. I really care about the educational system in Indiana. And I will join Teach For America Corps where I'll teach chemistry in Indianapolis.”
kyle      "The opportunity to work alongside professors and graduate students has made me a better chemist. I learned proper lab techniques and applied NMR classroom theory with hands-on experience. This familiarity will serve me well as I begin my career with Mead Johnson Nutrition.”
kasi      "My most rewarding experiences have been outside the classroom taking advantage of some of the many wonderful research, professional, club, and outreach opportunities Purdue offers. One of my favorite aspects is community outreach, in which we get to work with kids and share excitement for science.”
mark      "My study abroad experience in Germany gave me the opportunity to take engineering courses, intern at a corporation, and travel throughout Europe. This global context will be valuable as I start my career with Chevron and work on energy projects around the world.”
marianne      "Making a meaningful contribution to society is something that is extremely important to me. I want to be a difference maker and an influential member of an organization. The combination of chemistry and law will help me accomplish this.”
thomas      "A rewarding experience for me was participating in the Cancer Prevention Interdisciplinary Program at Purdue. Not only did I learn about cancer research firsthand and take the lead on a specific project, but I also decided to pursue this research area in grad school at Rice University.”
susan      "My study abroad opportunities while at Purdue were invaluable to me. I studied in Australia, Denmark, and went on medical mission trips during three spring breaks to Peru, Ecuador, and El Salvador. Next, I’m headed to Tanzania to work with local doctors before attending med school in Texas.”

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