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Instructions for Multiple Choice Questions
Post your multiple questions and problems and their answers on our list server for discussion.  Send me your final versions and I will post them on our web site so we have all questions and answers in a single location.  Please give the complete question or problem and follow it with the complete answer.  This will simply life for for participants who want to use them in their course.  Since e-mail does not handle superscripts, subscripts, greek letters, or arrows, use the conventions described in using e-mail to discuss chemistry.    

Write your multiple choice questions with the AP style. 

The purpose of the multiple-choice sections is to assess the breadth of students' knowledge and understanding of the basic concepts of chemistry.   AP multiple choice questions: 

  • are not simply definitions. 
  • may use the same answer twice. 
  • require application of recalled information, not simple recall.
  • may require a student to create an answer rather than simply to recall something or to activate an algorithm.
  • emphasize conceptual understanding as well as qualitative and simple quantitative applications of principles
Calculators are not permitted on the multiple-choice sections of the AP Chemistry examination. 
However, the knowledge of many basic definitions and principles, expressed as equations, is a part of the content of chemistry that students should learn and this knowledge will continue to be assessed in the multiple-choice section. Any numeric calculations involving these fundamentals in the multiple-choice section will be limited to simple arithmetic so that they can be done quickly, either mentally or with paper and pencil. In some questions the answer choices differ by several orders of magnitude so that the questions can be answered by estimation. 

The list of equations that is provided for the free response sections may NOT be used when taking the multiple-choice sections. 

Click here for example multiple choice questions.  (Scan to the bottom of the linked page for examples of  the new format for quantitative questions.) 

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