Selected Publications

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Johnson, S.A.; Kiernicki, J.J.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C.* “New Benzylpotassium Reagents and Their Utility for the Synthesis of Homoleptic Uranium(IV) Benzyl Derivatives” Organometallics 2015, 34 (12), 2889–2895.

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Nickolas H. Anderson, Samuel O. Odoh, Yiyi Yao, Ursula J. Williams, Brian A. Schaefer, John J. Kiernicki, Andrew J. Lewis, Mitchell D. Goshert, Phillip E. Fanwick, Eric J. Schelter, Justin R. Walensky, Laura Gagliardi, Suzanne C. Bart, Harnessing redox activity for the formation of uranium tris(imido) compounds, Nature Chemistry 2014, 6 , 919-926

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