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Centrifuge "near death" by anonymous 2010 (warning some vulgar language)

Texas Tech story C&E News Aug 23, 2010
UCLA death
Jan ’09    UCLA policies changes  Yale policies changes
BRWN Eye injury
Jan ‘08
BRWN (5th) Chemical spill
Sep '07
WTHR TATP injury 
Jan '07
BRWN Oven explosion
Jun '06
Shelf Collapse
May '04
Feb '04
EPA Asbestos and Vermiculite
May '03
UC Santa Cruz lab fire
Jan '02
Static + gasoline
Jul '02
Lab explosion kills professor Oct '01
Autoclave Failure 
Oct '01
Jeff Rubin on Terrorism,
Refrigerator Explosion Stories
Jul '00
TAMU Bonfire Collapse
Nov '99
Cornell Ultracentrifuge explosion Dec '98
Cal State LA Chem Lab fire
Aug '98
U Texas Austin Chem bldg fire
Oct '96

RLI compilation of laser accidents of Lab Accident Stories from the American Industrial Hygiene Association Laboratory Health & Safety Committee

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