Chemistry Safety Committee 9/17/10

WTHR 320 1:30 – 2:20 pm



  1. Attendance, Roster, safety committee structure
  2. Self-audits
  3. Check-outs
  4. New "first report of injury" form
  5. calling 911


1. Attendance, roster, safety committee structure

All research and other groups must have some representation/contact person for relay of safety committee business.  See attendance list, sign please.  Supervisor is responsible for requiring meeting attendance (or not requiring it).  Attendance records will be available.  Committee representatives will be called, interchangeably, representatives, or members, or contacts, or liaisons.  PLEASE:

(a) communicate what goes on here to your supervisor and your group.

(b) bring (or send) questions to the Safety Committee from your supervisor and your group.


2. Self audits due in two weeks, 10/1/2010, end of business day

REM ISP info includes checklist link (do not change checklist in any way, complete completely)

  1. use a separate form for every room larger than 450 ft2
  2. combine like-use rooms of 450 ft2 and smaller (e.g. several offices)
  3. inspect every room assigned to your group formally or informally.


Chemistry Dept space assignment diagrams at

SMAS space assignments including ft2 at


Each audit will take time, and it must be done, accurately, while in the room looking around.  It is OK to find something wrong, fix it then and there, and then mark “yes” (if yes is the desired state, which is usually or always the case.)


Add comments pages if needed to clarify.


Return completed self-audit forms to WTHR 173.  On or before Oct 1.  KEEP COPIES.


3. Checkouts

Lab researchers are to check out of dept before they leave.  CHM checkout sheet.  Safety Office "work area checkout sheet."  A safety rep in each group is to sign the checkout sheet before it comes to me.  This is usually you. 



4. New "first report of injury" form

As of July 1 2010.  New procedure and new form, all at REM, let's take a look if there is time.



5. Calling 911

Call 911 even if you're not quite sure, but it seems like it could be urgent.  ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION.


Last Thursday 9/9/2010, Shelly from the main office 2100 phoned me at 11:55 a.m. and said "Oh thank heavens you're there.  Susie Smith is here at my desk and she breathed some chemical odor and it made her sick and ... oh here Susie, you talk to Linda."


WHY DIDN'T Susie call 911?

WHY DIDN'T Shelly call 911?

Is there any chance at all that Susie could have become more sick or even died due to the delay?


Help spread the word.  Don't hesitate.  Don't worry about how maybe "might not be necessary."  Call 911 and get advice, give information.  It could matter very much.