Fall 2013  


Read carefully.

You are registered after you have correctly submitted the registration form, and there will most likely be no confirmation notice or reminder sent; make certain that you arrive at the correct room at the correct date and time. Send email to swihart@purdue.edu if you have a question or need to be reminded of the time and place.


BEFORE going to the registration form:


You must have completed (and know the date) of CHP1 online reading exercise

You must have completed (and know the date) of PPE online reading exercise

Having those completed, you may then go to the
CHP2 Registration form


Put date/time on your calendar.


Be there. On time.


Where and how to get there.  (Latecomers not admitted; the door will be locked at the start of the meeting.)



Acknowledged.  Be certain you know where you are going and be on time.  See