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The Dai Research Group Lab is located in the
Purdue Drug Discovery Building, 118!
720 Clinic Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: (765) 496-7898
Fax: (765) 496-2592
E-mail: mjdai@purdue.edu


June 2017-- Mingji was selected as a recipient of the Chinese-American Chemistry & Chemical Biology Professors Association (CAPA) Distinguished Junior Faculty Award! Thank you very much, CAPA!

April 2017-- Dexter Davis successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis on April 7! Congratulations Dr. Dexter Davis, our second Ph.D.! He was also awarded the Herbert C. Brown Graduate Student Research Award! He will move on to his postdoc position at the Vanderbilt Center for Neuroscience Drug Discovery!!!

April 2017-- Kwaku Kyei-Baffour has won a poster award at the 34th HC Brown Symposium!

March 2017-- Another good news for Dexter Davis, who was selected as one of the recipients of a 2017 Kokes Award for the 25th North American Catalysis Society (NACS) meeting! Congratulations!

January 2017-- Our graduate student Dexter Davis (right) won the Fall 2016 Organic Graduate Student Best Seminar Award! Congratulations!

January 2017-- Our graduate student Kwaku Kyei-Baffour was interviewed by C&EN at the annual meeting of the National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)!

November 2016-- Welcome first-year graduate students Brandon and Xinpei to our group!

October 2016-- Kwaku Kyei-Baffour successfully passed his OP defense to become a Ph.D. candidate, congratulations!

September 2016-- Our first Ph.D. graduate Yu Bai just started his postdoc research with Professor Barry Trost at Stanford University! Thank you and good luck!

September 2016-- Mingji was invited to give a talk at the EuCheMS Young Investigator Workshop 2016 at Huelva Spain!

September 2016-- Congratulations to Kwaku Kyei-Baffour, who was the 2nd place winner at the 3rd Purdue Annual Drug Discovery Symposium Poster Session!

September 2016-- Congratulations to our graduate student Kwaku Kyei-Baffour, who is a recipient of the 2016 National Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) Advancing Science Conference Grant!

August 2016-- Mingji gave a talk about our catalytic carbonylation work at the 2016 ACS Academic Young Investigator Symposium!

July 2016-- Congratulations to Yu Bai for his successful Ph.D. defense! Our first Ph.D. graduate!

June 2016-- Congratulations to our undergraduate students, Linus Shen and Nathan Gimble, who are going to graduate school at UC Berkeley and Colorado State University respectively!

April 2016-- Linus has been awarded the Dale W. Margerum Undergraduate Research Scholarship for accomplishments undergraduate research!

He has also been recognized by the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry for being selected by Purdue University as the most outstanding senior, undergraduate organic chemistry student for the 2015-2016 academic year!


April 2016-- Kenny has been awarded an Undergraduate Wolinsky - Summer Research Award! Congratulations!

April 2016-- Yu Bai won a poster award at this year's HC Brown Symposium! Congratulations!

Jan 2016-- Our group has been awarded an NSF CAREER grant! Thanks a lot, NSF!

Dec 2015-- Congratulations to Dr. Yang Yang for starting his independent career as a Professor at Huazhong University of Science and Technolgy!

Nov 2015-- Welcome first year graduate students, Teng, Michael, and Xianglin to join our group!

Oct 2015-- Kristen successfully passed her OP defense to become a Ph.D. candidate, congratulations!

September 2015-- Tab obtained her M.S. degree and became a science teacher at the Lafayette Catholic Schools! Congratulations and good luck!

August 2015-- Mingji presented at the JOC/OL Lectureship Award Symposium during the 250th ACS National Meeting, Boston, and received the 2015 Organic Letters Outstanding Author of the Year Lectureship Award on behalf of the research team!

July 2015-- Mingji gave a talk at the 2015 GRC Natural Products at Proctor Academy in Andover, NH.

June 2015-- Our undergraduate students, Cassie Creemer, Nyema Harmon, Siyuan Sun, and Teng Chi are going to graduate school in Chemistry this fall; Takuma Mizuno is going to start his career at Kuraray Co. Ltd in Japan this summer! Congratulations and good luck!

May 2015-- Yu Bai won this year's Center for Cancer Research Miles Graduate Scholarship Award! Congratulations!

Apr 2015-- Yu Bai won the 2015 H.C. Brown Graduate Research Award and delivered his award presentation at the 32nd Annual H.C. Brown Lectures! Congratulations!

Mar 2015-- Dr. Yang Yang, Yu Bai, and Siyuan Sun's work about divergent total synthesis of monoterpene indole alkaloids has brought us the 2015 Organic Letters Outstanding Author of the Year Lectureship Award!

Feb 2015-- Keck Foundation to fund our collaborative work with Professor Ji-Xin Cheng and Professor Andrew Weiner's groups. Thanks a lot, Keck Foundation!

Nov 2014-- The American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund to fund our carbonylation work. Thanks a lot, ACS PRF!

Nov 2014-- Kristen (Dai Lab), Anthony (Ghosh Lab), Stephen (Cooks Lab), Heather (Uyeda Lab), Carly (Anderson Lab), and Susie (Ren Lab) have been selected by the American Chemical Society as the Grduate Student Symposium Planning Committee (GSSPC) for the 2016 ACS meeting in San Diego, California! Congratulations!

Nov 2014-- Our undergraduate student, Nyema Harmon was recognized as an LSAMP distinguished Scholar! Congratulations, Nyema!

Nov 2014-- Welcome first year graduate student Kwaku Kyei-Baffour to join our lab!

Oct 2014-- Our graduate student, Yu Bai won a poster award at the 7th Negishi-Brown Lectures!

Sept 2014-- Our undergraduate student, Nyema Harmon won a LSAMP Scholarship!

Aug 2014-- Our undergraduate student, Wandi Zhang started her graduate school at UT Austin and Pui Leng Low started her work in Malaysia! Thank you for your contribution and good luck, Wandi and Pui Leng!

May 2014-- Our research group moved into the new Drug Discovery Building of Purdue University! We are in Lab 118!

May 2014-- Our graduate student, Yu Bai won the Spring 2014 Organic Graduate Student Best Seminar Award!

Nov 2013-- Welcome first year graduate students Kristen and Tabitha!

Nov 2013-- Our new fire-retardant lab coats are here!

June 2013-- Mingji Dai Research Group launches new website!


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