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Welcome to our Analytical & Physical Organic Chemistry Laboratories, the Research Group of Professor Kenttämaa in the Department of Chemistry, Purdue University. We are a professional, progressive, and friendly group working on advanced mass spectrometry, novel laser desorption techniques, gas-phase ion-molecule reactions, identification of functional groups in pharmaceuticals, analysis of petroleum and degraded biomass, and many other interesting research areas.
Below You will find some of our recent publications and group news.


Selected Recent Publications


 Reactivity of the 3,4,5 -  Tridehydropyridinium Cation - An Aromatic σ,σ,σ - Triradical



Reactivity of an Aromatic σ,σ,σ-Triradical: The 2,4,6-Tridehydropyridinium Cation


A data-dependent MS3 Method Involving Ion-Molecule Reactions Identifies the N-oxide Functionality in Drug Metabolites


Functional Group Selective Ion/Molecule Reactions: Mass Spectrometric Identification of the Amido Functionality in Protonated Monofunctional Compounds


Hilkka was named the Frank Brown Endowed Distinguished Professor of Chemistry in 2016

Hilkka receiving the Franklin Field and Joe Franklin ACS Award for Distinguished
Contribution To Mass Spectrometry in Denver, 2015

Congratulations to Hilkka for being selected as a Member of The Finnish Academy of Science
in recognition of her scientific achievements!

Congratulations to Hilkka for being presented 2013 College of Science Leadership Award!

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