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Molecular Targets For Cancer & Aging Therapeutics - Research Overview

My laboratory takes a multidisciplinary approach to study important integral membrane proteins involved in cancer and cancer treatment. Using the tools of biochemistry, cell and molecular biology, organic synthesis and bioanalytical chemistry, we are defining the molecular mechanisms of substrate recognition by these membrane-associated proteins, and are investigating the mechanisms of their activity, assembly, trafficking, and cellular localization. The two major research areas in my laboratory focus on 1) the yeast and human isoprenylcysteine carboxylmethyltransferases (Icmt) and 2) the human ATP binding cassette (ABC) transporters ABCG2 and P-glycoprotein. Our major successes are highlighted by the purification and functional reconstitution of yeast Icmt, the quantitative evaluation of Icmt substrate specificity, the evaluation of the oligomerization of ABCG2 and the further elucidation of ABCG2 substrate specificity. In addition to increasing our understanding of the molecular mechanisms of these integral membrane proteins, these studies have also led to the identification of inhibitors and the development of high-throughput screening methodologies. These studies provide a foundation for the future development of novel biochemical tools and chemotherapeutic agents.

The Hrycyna Lab - Summer 2012