New Solutions to Medicine via Spectroscopic Imaging & Nanotechnologies

Cheng group 2012 Fall

News and Highlights:

6.03.2013 Jackie Tyler got an offer from Genentech!

5.23.2013 Shuhua Yue is awarded by the Miles Graduate Scholarship from Purdue University Center for Cancer Research!

5.23-24.2013 3rd Annual Workshop: Spectroscopic Imaging: A New Window into the Unseen World,

5.15.2013    Delong Zhang is award with a Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship!

5.15.2013  Delong Zhang received the Eastman Summer Fellowship from the Eastman Chemical Company!

3.01.2013 Pu Wang and Rui Li; each received a travel award from the Weldon School!

2.27.2013 Junjie Li received a one-year CPIP fellowship!

2.25.2013 Pu Wang, Mikhail et al. "Far-field Imaging of Non-fluorescent Species with Sub-diffraction Resolution" is accepted by Nature Photonics.




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