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  Curriculum            Vitae

   POSITION TITLE:        Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professor of Chemistry

   BIRTHDATE:               July 14, 1935


Institution and Location  Degree                                     


 Field of Study

University of Tokyo    BS   4/53-3/58  Organic Chemistry
University of Pennsylvania  Ph.D.     9/60-9/63    Organic Chemistry


School or Company      Position       Dates                        Type of Work
Teijin, Ltd.           Research chemist    4/58-7/60   Polymer reaction
Teijin Ltd.        Research chemist   10/63-8/66      Polymer synthesis
Purdue University      Postdoctoral Assoc.   9/66-8/68      Organoborane chem.
Purdue University      Assist. to H.C. Brown   9/68-7/72      Organoborane chem.
Syracuse University    Assist. Prof.    8/72-8/76   Org. & organomet. chem.
Syracuse University    Assoc. Prof.   8/76-8/79  Org. & organomet. chem.
Purdue University      Professor     9/79-8/99     Org. & organomet. chem.
Purdue University      H.C. Brown Distinguished Professor 9/99-present      Org. & organomet. chem.



Fullbright-Smith-Mund Scholarship, 1960-1963; Harrison Fellowship, 1962-1963; Citation, Marqui¡¯s Who¡¯s Who in the East, 1979; Visiting Professor, University of California, Santa Cruz, California, 1980; Citation, American Men & Women in Science, 1982; Citation, Who¡¯s Who in Frontier Science and Technology, 1982; Visiting Lectureship, sponsored by Western Swiss Universities (7 invited lectures), 1983; Syntex Distinguished Lecturer, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1985; John E. Mahler Lecturer, University of Texas, Austin, 1986; John S. Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship, 1987; Visiting Professor, University of Tokyo, January-June, 1987; 1987-88 National Science Council Lectureship, Taiwan, 1987; NSF Special Creativity Extension Award, 1988-1990; Robert A. Welch Foundation Lectureship, 1989; NATO Invited Lecturer, Ankara University, Ankara, Turkey, 1991; Citation, American Men and Women of Science, 1994; 1st Burroughs-Welcome Visiting Professor, Duke University, Durham, 1994; Alan R. Day Award (POCC), 1996; J. C.  Karcher Lecturer, University of Oklahoma, 1996; The Chemical Society of Japan Award, 1996; K. Nakamoto Distinguished Lectureship, Marquette University, 1997; Alexander von Humbolt Foundation, Senior Researcher Award, 1998-2001[University of Göttingen, June and July, 1998; Technical University of Berlin, June and July, 1999; University M¨¹nich, November and December, 2001]; the ACS Organometallic Chemistry Award, 1998; Herbert N. McCoy Award, 1998; Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professorship in Chemistry, since July, 1999; Citation, Marqui¡¯s Who¡¯s Who in Science and Engineering, 5th Ed., 2000-2001; Visiting Professor, National University of Singapore, Singapore, June, 2000; Sir Edward Frankland Prize Lectureship, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2001; inclusion of the Negishi Cross-Coupling in Merck Index, 13th Ed., 2001; Marquis Who¡¯s Who in Science and Engineering, 6th Ed., 2002¨C2003; Weissberger-Williams Lectureship Eastman Kodak,  Rochester, New York, 2002; Consultant to President of Hokkaido University, Japan, October 1-31, 2002; Sigma Xi Award, Purdue University, 2003; Professional/Scholarly Publishing Division Award (Chemistry), Association of American Publishers, 2003; Merck Frosst Award Lectureship, University of Waterloo, 2004; Marqui¡¯s Who¡¯s Who in America, 2005; Marqui¡¯s Who¡¯s Who in the World, 2005; Roche Distinguished Lectureship, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 2005; Merck-Frosst Award Lecturer, University of Montreal, 2006; Merck-Frosst Award Lecturer, University of California, Irvine, 2006; Yamada-Koga Prize (Japan), 2007; Gold Medal of Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic, 2007.



ACS National Meeting (Centennial Meeting), New York, 1976 (Invited); NSF Organic Synthesis Workshop, 1976 (Invited); Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes, 1978 (Plenary); 177th ACS Meeting, Honolulu, 1979 (Invited); RSC Residential School, Swansea, UK, 1980 (Plenary); RSC International Symposium, Swansea, UK, 1980 (Plenary); 1st IUPAC-OMCOS Symposium, Fort Collins, 1981, (Plenary); ACS Senior Technical Meeting, San Juan, 1981 (Plenary); 183rd ACS National Meeting, Las Vegas, 1982 (Invited); 4th IUPAC Conference on Organic Synthesis, Tokyo, 1982 (Invited); Post-ICOS-IV Kyoto Symposium, Kyoto, 1982 (Invited); International Symposium on Heteroatoms for Organic Synthesis, Montreal, 1983 (Plenary); Japan Chemical Society Fall Meeting, Sapporo, 1983 (Plenary); RSC Residential School, Swansea, UK, 1984 (Plenary); Gordon Research Conference on Organic Reactions and Processes, New Hampton, 1984 (Plenary); 2nd National Main Group Chemistry Workshop, Asilomar, 1984 (Invited); 11th Conference of the Organic Reactions Catalysis Society, Savannah, 1986 (Plenary); 10th NSF Organometallic Workshop, Austin, 1986 (Invited);192nd ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, 1986 (Invited); RSC Residential School,  Brighton, UK, 1988 (Plenary); Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences Symposium, Stockholm, Sweden, 1989 (Plenary); International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, 1989 (Invited); XIVth Senior Technical Meeting, Puerto Rico, 1990 (Plenary); 6th IUPAC-OMCOS-6, Utrecht, 1991 (Invited); OMCOS-6 Satellite Meeting, Zeist, Netherlands, 1991 (Plenary); 2nd International Symposium on Transition Metals in Organic Synthesis (RSC), Bristol, UK, 1992 (Plenary); 205th ACS National Meeting, Denver, 1993 (Invited); 66th National Meeting of the Chemical Society of Japan, Takarazuka, Japan, 1993 (Plenary); Workshop-INEOS-94, Moscow-St. Petersburg, Russia, 1994 (Invited); XIX Summer School, Gargniano, Italy, 1994 (Plenary); 50th Okazaki Conference, Okazaki, Japan, 1994 (Plenary); Autumn Meeting of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Glasgow, UK, 1994 (Plenary); RSC International Symposium, Leeds, UK, 1994 (Plenary); Pre-OMCOS-8, Davis, 1995 (Plenary); International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, 1995 (Invited); 72nd National Meeting of Chemical Society of Japan, Tokyo, Japan, 1997 (Invited); 213th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, 1997 (Invited); 215th ACS National Meeting, Dallas, 1998 (Invited); 13th French-Japanese Symposium on Medicinal and Fine Chemistry, Hayama, Japan, 1998 (Plenary); 4th Proctor and Gamble Organic Colloquium, Cincinnati, 1998 (Plenary); Herbert Newby McCoy Distinguished Lecture, Purdue University, 1998; Post OMCOS-10, Paris, France, 1999 (Plenary) 217th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society, New Orleans, 1999 (Invited); International Symposium on Novel Transformation of Materials for Next Generation, Hokkaido, Japan, 2000 (Plenary); 8th International Kyoto Conference on New Aspects of Organic Chemistry (IKCOC-8); Kyoto, Japan, 2000 (Invited); 19th IUPAC International Conference on Organometallic Chemistry (ICOMC XIX), Shanghai, China, 2000 (Invited); Symposium Inaugurating the Herbert C. Brown Distinguished Professorship, Purdue University, 2000 (Invited); 15th W. S. Johnson Symposium, Stanford University, Stanford, California, 2000 (Invited); ACS Midwest Regional Meeting Symposium on Organometallics in Organic Synthesis, St. Louis, 2000 (Invited); Pacifichem 2000, Honolulu, Hawaii, 2000 (Invited); 37th National Organic Symposium, Bozeman, Montana, 2001 (Plenary); 11th IUPAC¨COMCOS (Organometallic Chemistry Directed towards Organic Synthesis), Taipei, Taiwan, 2001 (Invited); Post OMCOS¨C11 Kyoto Symposium on Palladium- and Nickel ¨C Catalyzed Cross-Coupling, Kyoto, Japan, 2001 (Plenary); Sir E. Frankland Award Symposium, Royal Soc. Chem., London, UK, 2001 (Plenary Award Lecture); 224th American Chemical Society National Meeting Symposium, Boston, Massachusetts, 2002 (Invited); 227th ACS National Meeting, Anaheim, CA, 2004 (Co-organizer of Half-a-Century of Organozirconium Chemistry Symposium and an Invited Lecturer); 7th International Symposium on Carbanion Chemistry, Alicante, Spain, 2004 (Plenary Lecturer); First International Forum on Homogenous Catalysis, Hanzhou, China, 2004 (Plenary Lecturer); 6th Winter Conference on Medicinal and Bioorganic Chemistry, Steamboat Springs, CO, 2005 (Plenary Lecturer); 16th Annual Frontiers in Chemistry Symposium, Scripps Research Inst. La Jolla, CA, 2005 (Pfizer Lecturer); 229th ACS National Meeting, San Diego, CA, 2005 (Invited Lecturer); Stony Brook Symposium, Stony Brook, NY, 2005 (Plenary Lecturer); CRC-Tech. Univ. Aachen International Symposium on Cross-Coupling, Aachen, Germany, 2005 (Plenary Lecturer); International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies, Honolulu, HI 2005 (Two Invited Lectures); Symposium Honoring Professor S. Ikygami¡¯s Retirement (attendance 250), Tokyo, Japan 2006 (Plenary Lecturer); CRC International Symposium on Cross-Coupling at Purdue University, 2006 (Plenary Lecturer); Joint International Symposium of the Chinese Organic and Inorganic Chemical Society (ISCOC-9/ISCIC-6), Singapore, 2006 (Plenary Lecturer); University of California, Irvine-Merck Symposium 2006 (one of four Invited Lectures)


  Ca. 20 per year (21other invited lectures in 2006)

  PUBLICATIONS: over 400 including patents and chemistry-related miscellaneous publications

  See Lists of Publications



       American Chemical Society, 1979-present.

       American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1975-80, 1992-94.

       Phi Lambda Epsilon, 1984-present.

       Japan Chemical Society, 1985-present.

       Sigma Xi, 1989-present.

  Chairman, Committee Membership, Editor, etc.

       NIH Medicinal Chemistry Study Section, 1986-1990.

       ¡°Ad hoc¡± Member NIH Medicinal Chemistry Study Section, 1980, 1985, 1994.

       Chairman, ACS, Purdue Section, 1986.

       IUPAC-OMCOS International Scientific Committee Member, 1993- .

      Guest Editor, Tetrahedron Symposium-in-print, 1995.

       Co-Chairman, Pre-OMCOS-8 Symposium, 1995.

       Co-Chairman, OMCOS-8, 1995.

       Co-Guest Editor with Yoshinori Yamamoto, J. Organomet. Chem. Special Issue, 1998.

       Editorial Advisory Board Member, Organometallics, 1999-2001.

       Co-Guest editor with Kohei Tamao, J. Organomet. Chem. Special Issue, 2002.

       Editor, Handbook of Organopaladium Chemistry for Organic Synthesis, 2 Vols., Wiley.

       Interscience, New York, 2002, 3279 pp.


       Hoffmann-LaRoche & Co., Basel, Switzerland, 1983-2002.

       Kaneka, Takasago, Japan, 1991-2003.