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Perez, C. R.;Lopez-Perez, D.;Chmielewski, J.;Lipton, M. Small Molecule Inhibitors of Anthrax Toxin-induced Cytotoxicity Targeted Against Protective Antigen Chemical Biology & Drug Design 2012 79 3 260-269
Kang S. S.;Cuendet, M.;Endringer, D. C.;Croy, V. L.;Pezzuto, J. M.;Lipton, M. A. Synthesis and biological evaluation of a library of resveratrol analogues as inhibitors of COX-1, COX-2 and NF-kappa B Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry 2009 17 - 1044-1054
Ramamoorthy G.;Acevedo, C. M.;Alvira, E.;Lipton, M. A. Synthesis and spectroscopic correlation of the diastereoisomers of 2,3-dihydroxy-2,6,8-trimethyldeca-(4Z,6E)-dienoic acid: implications for the structures of papuamides A-D and mirabamides A-D Tetrahedron-Asymmetry 2008 19 - 2546-2554
Krishnamoorthy R.;Richardson, B. L.;Lipton, M. A. Synthesis and cytotoxicity of desmethoxycallipeltin B: Lack of a quinone methide for the cytotoxicity of callipeltin B Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 2007 17 - 5136-5138
Cranfill D. C.;Lipton, M. A. Enantio- and diastereoselective synthesis of (R,R)-beta-Methoxytyrosine Organic Letters 2007 9 - 3511-3513
Shubert V. A.;Baquero, E. E.;Clarkson, J. R.;James, W. H.;Turk, J. A.;Hare, A. A.;Worrel, K.;Lipton, M. A.;Schofield, D. P.;Jordan, K. D.;Zwier, T. S. Entropy-driven population distributions in a prototypical molecule with two flexible side chains: O-(2-acetamidoethyl)-N-acetyltyramine Journal of Chemical Physics 2007 127 - -
Calimsiz S.;Ramos, A. I. M.;Lipton, M. A. Solid-phase synthesis and configurational reassigment of callipeltin E. Implications for the structures of callipeltins A and B Journal of Organic Chemistry 2006 71 - 6351-6356
Calimsiz S.;Lipton, M. A. Synthesis of N-Fmoc-(2S,3S,4R)-3,4-dimethylglutamine: An application of lanthanide-catalyzed transamidation Journal of Organic Chemistry 2005 70 - 6218-6221
Cranfill D. C.;Morales-Ramos, A. I.;Lipton, M. A. Solid-phase synthesis of callipeltin D. Stereochemical confirmation of the unnatural amino acid AGDHE Organic Letters 2005 7 - 5881-5883
Oku N.;Krishnamoorthy, R.;Benson, A. G.;Ferguson, R. L.;Lipton, M. A.;Phillips, L. R.;Gustafson, K. R.;McMahon, J. B. Complete stereochemistry of neamphamide A and absolute configuration of the beta-methoxytyrosine residue in papuamide B Journal of Organic Chemistry 2005 70 - 6842-6847
Bekele T.;Christian, C. F.;Lipton, M. A.;Singleton, D. A. "Concerted" transition state, stepwise mechanism. dynamics effects in (C2-C6) enyne allene cyclizations Journal of the American Chemical Society 2005 127 - 9216-9223
Sedighi M.;Lipton, M. A. A convenient, general synthesis of 1,1-dimethylallyl esters as protecting groups for carboxylic acids Organic Letters 2005 7 - 1473-1475
Barth B. S.;Myers, A. C.;Lipton, M. A. Exploring the stereochemical requirements for protease inhibition by ureidopeptides Journal of Peptide Research 2005 65 - 352-354
Williams M. N.;Lipton, M. A. Azide activation to form a substituted benzotriazole and safety-catch linker Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 228 - U126-U126
Myers A. C.;Lipton, M. A. Role of ureidopeptides in protease inhibition Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 228 - U165-U165
Bodner G. M.;Bhattacharyya, G.;Lipton, M. A. Welcome to electron pushers anonymous: Teaching arrow-pushing to graduate students. Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 227 - U404-U405
Waddell M. K.;Lipton, M. A. Study of alkoxide-promoted enyne-allene cyclizations: Next generation isolated alkenes Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 227 - U113-U113
Turk J. A.;Lipton, M. A. Solid phase synthesis and structure determination of callipeltin B Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 227 - U171-U171
Bekele T.;Lipton, M. A. Synthesis of cyclic enediynone prodrugs Abstracts of Papers of the American Chem 2004 227 - U205-U205
Hess, S.; Gustafson, K. R.; Milanowski, D. J.; Alvira, E.; Lipton, M. A. and Pannell, L. K. Chirality Determination of unusual amino acids using precolumn derivatization and liquid chromatography-electrospray ionization mass spectrometry J. Chrom. A 2004 1035 - 211-219