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Suzanne C. Bart

Professor Suzanne C. BartAssociate Professor—Inorganic Chemistry
Phone: 765-494-5451
Office: BRWN 4170D

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Catalytic transformations play a crucial role in society, including the large-scale production of commodity chemicals, pharmaceuticals and materials via transition metal catalysis. Understanding how the active species in catalytic processes work is the key to their future development. The central theme in our group focuses on examining the role of the electronic structure of metal complexes, pre-catalysts and catalytically active species in their reactivity towards small, industrially relevant molecules. The core of our program involves chemical synthesis, including ligand design, new metal complexes, and potential pre-catalysts and intermediates involved in catalytic processes. A wide range of techniques are employed for this synthetic effort, including standard benchtop chemistry for ligands and air- and moisture-sensitive manipulations using gloveboxes and vacuum lines for organometallic complexes. Traditional methodology will be used for complex screening to determine potential catalytic activity, and the electronics of each system will be probed using techniques such as multinuclear NMR, IR, EPR, and electronic absorption spectroscopies as well as X-ray diffraction, electrochemistry, and magnetic studies.


B.S., 2001, University of Delaware; Ph.D., 2006, Cornell University; Postodoctoral Fellow, 2006-2008, Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg.


  • 2014 ACS Organometallics Young Investigator Fellow, 2014

Selected Publications

  • Kraft, S.J.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C., Exploring the Insertion Chemistry of Tetrabenzyluranium Using Carbonyls and Organoazides. Organometallics 2013 , 32, ASAP.
  • Matson, E.M.; Forrest, W.P.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C., Synthesis and Reactivity of Trivalent Tp*U(CH2Ph)2(THF): Insertion vs Oxidation at Low-Valent Uranium–Carbon Bonds. Organometallics 2013 , 32, 1484–1492.
  • Cladis, D.P; Kiernicki, J.J; Fanwick, P.E; Bart S.C., Multi-electron Reduction Facilitated by a Trianionic Pyridine(diimine) Ligand; Invited Article: 2013 Emerging Investigators Issue. Chemical Communications 2013 , 49, 4169-4171.
  • Matson, E.M.; Fanwick, P.E.; Bart, S.C., Use of Alkylsodium Reagents for the Synthesis of Trivalent Uranium Alkyl Complexes. Organometallics 2012 , 31, 4467–4473.
More Publications

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