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Group meeting on Friday, 10:30am

The Suspenders

We belong to the PTCG (Purdue's Theoretical Chemistry Group). Some people wonder about our name, and we do too. The truth is that no one really knows why we're called the Suspenders. Here are some hypotheses:

(D) Our group meetings are always full of suspense.

(F) Some of us actually wear suspenders.

(T) We just like the name.


Visit us in office WTHR-265B, West Lafayette campus. Prof. Wasserman's office number is (765) 494-2348, and PTCG's assistant Connie Reynolds can be reached at (765) 494-5467. We get faxes sent to (765) 494-0239.

Mailing address: Adam Wasserman / Department of Chemistry / Purdue University / 560 Oval Drive / West Lafayette, IN - 47907 / USA