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Our research interest centers broadly on functional nanosystems with an emphasis on semiconductor nanowires. Semiconductor nanowires are single crystal semiconductors with diameters of a few nanometers and lengths up to tens microns. They are versatile building blocks with tunable physical and chemical properties, opening up many exciting opportunities to compute, communicate, encode, detect and identify.

The research programs are currently focused on four major areas: (1) Controlled synthesis of nanowires and nanowire heterostructures; (2) Discovery of novel properties of nanostructures synthesized, with an emphasis on structural, electrical and optical properties; (3) Designing and developing unconventional devices based on nanomaterials for nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and energy applications; (4) Interfacing nanomaterials with biological systems to probe and/or regulate biological activities. Our research programs address scientific issues within these areas using combined ideas and techniques from physical, chemical, biological, and engineering sciences.

We are actively recuiting talented students and postdocs that are motivated to work on nanoscience and nanotechnology. Contact us for details on openings.

Group News:

Apr 2014
Yunlong passed the Ph.D. final exam. Congrats, Yunlong!
Feb 2014
Our paper: "Use of graphene as protection film in biological environments" was published in Scientific Reports.
Feb 2014
Our paper: "Effect of Dopants on Epitaxial Growth of Silicon Nanowires" was published in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.
Dec 2013
Yunlong presented in MRS (Materials Research Society) Fall meetings with topic of "Understanding Self-Aligned Planar Growth of InAs Nanowires".
May 2013
Our book chapter: "Functional Silicon Nanowires for Cellular Binding and Internalization" was in press now (ISBN 978-0-85709-766-8, Ed. J. L. Coffer, Woodhead Publishing, 2013).
May 2013
Our paper: "Understanding Self-Aligned Planar Growth of InAs Nanowires" was published in Nano Letters.
Apr 2013
Yunlong passed preliminary exam. Congrats, Yunlong!
Apr 2013
Sung Hwan graduated with a Ph.D. in ECE. Congrats, Sung Hwan!

Apr 2013

Prof. Chen Yang and Prof. Bozhi Tian (University of Chicago) have been invited by the ACS PHYS division to organize a symposium on "Nano Probes for Biological Systems" for the 2014 fall ACS Meeting in San Francisco.
Apr 2013
Prof. Yang has been promoted to Associate Professor with tenure. Congrats, Prof. Yang!
Apr 2013
Yunlong was honored as one of Purdue's five students who are transformation makers. Congrats, Yunlong!

Mar 2013

Yanjie presented in APS (American Physical Society) March meeting with topic of "On/off-current Ratio and Ambipolar Behavior of Narrow Bandgap III-V Nanowire FETs".
Sep 2012
Our paper: "Understanding the Impact of Schottky Barriers on the Performance of Narrow Bandgap Nanowire Field Effect Transistors" was published in Nano Letters.
Sep 2012
Our MOCVD (Metal-Organic CVD) system in Birck is ready to use!
Aug 2012
Weixia presented in ACS National meeting with topic of "Cellular Binding and Internalization of 1D Functionalized Silicon Nanowires".
Aug 2012
Our new Chemical Vapor Deposition System (CVD) in Birck is ready to use!
Jul 2012
Yanjie graduated with a Ph.D. in Physics. Congrats, Yanjie!
Jul 2012
Our paper: "Synthesis of Antimony-Based Nanowires Using the Simple Vapor Deposition Method" was published in ChemPhysChem.
Jun 2012
Yunlong presented in EMC (Electronic Material Conference) 2012 with topic of "GaSb Nanowires Synthesis and In-situ Doping Method".
Apr 2012
Sung Hwan passed preliminary exam. Congrats, Sung Hwan!
Fab 2012
New website design is up and running.
Nov 2011
Our paper: "Cellular Binding and Internalization of Functionalized Silicon Nanowires" was published in Nano Letters.
Nov 2011
Weixia passed the preliminary exam. Congrats, Weixia!
Nov 2011
Welcome new group member Tzu-Ging Lin!
Oct 2011
Welcome new group members Jeremy McCall and Kelly McNear!
Aug 2011
Our paper: "Mechanism of vertical Ge nanowire nucleation on Si (111) during subeutectic annealing and growth" was published in Journal of Materials Research.
May 2011
Welcome new group member Sarath Ramadurgam!
Apr 2011
Yanjie passed the preliminary exam. Congrats, Yanjie!
Mar 2011
Our paper: "Transport Modulation in Ge/Si Core/Shell Nanowires through Controlled Synthesis of Doped Si Shells" was published in Nano Letters.
Feb 2011 Our paper: "Spatially Modulated Two-Photon Luminescence from Si-Au Core-Shell Nanowires" was published in Nano Letters.

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