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Our research interest centers broadly on functional nanosystems with an emphasis on semiconductor nanowires. Semiconductor nanowires are single crystal semiconductors with diameters of a few nanometers and lengths up to tens microns. They are versatile building blocks with tunable physical and chemical properties, opening up many exciting opportunities to compute, communicate, encode, detect and identify.

The research programs are currently focused on four major areas: (1) Controlled synthesis of nanowires and nanowire heterostructures; (2) Discovery of novel properties of nanostructures synthesized, with an emphasis on structural, electrical and optical properties; (3) Designing and developing unconventional devices based on nanomaterials for nanoelectronics, nanophotonics and energy applications; (4) Interfacing nanomaterials with biological systems to probe and/or regulate biological activities. Our research programs address scientific issues within these areas using combined ideas and techniques from physical, chemical, biological, and engineering sciences.

We are actively recuiting talented students and postdocs that are motivated to work on nanoscience and nanotechnology. Contact us for details on openings.

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Group News:

Feb 2017 Congrats, Dr. McCall and Dr. McNear! Jeremy and Kelly completed their Ph.D!
Sep 2016 Welcome, Xingda An and Junchen Liu! Xingda is a first year graduate student and Junchen is a junior majoring in ChemE.
July 2016 Congrats, Dr. Tzu-ging Lin! Tzu-ging completed his Ph.D and took a position at TSMC, one of the largest semiconductor companies.
Feb 2016 Congrats, Dr. Sarath Ramadurgam! Sarath completed his Ph.D and took a position at LAM Research Corporation.  
July 2015 Our paper "Fabrication of Sub-25 nm Diameter GaSb Nanopillar Arrays by Nanoscale Self-Mask Effect" was accepted by Nano Letters. Congrats, Tzu-ging and Sarath!
July 2015 Our paper "Highly sensitive transient absorption imaging of graphene and graphene oxide in living cells and circulating blood" appears in Scientific Reports. This is a collaborative work. Congrats, team!
Mar 2015 Prof. Yang will present an invited talk at Symposium"Metallic Nanostructures for Optical and Electrochemical Sensing and Alternative Energy Conversion" 2015 ACS Denver Meeting.
Dec 2014 Welcome Prof. Kong and Prof. Yu! Prof. Kong from Jilin University of Chemical Technologyand Prof. Yu from Northeast Dianli University are visiting scholars.
Oct 2014 Welcome Prof. Wen Tong! Prof. Tong is a visiting scholar from Soochow University.
Oct 2014 Welcome our new graduate students, Yimin and Katherine!
Aug 2014 Weixia and Yunlong started their postdoc positions at Harvard and GIT. Best wishes!
July 2014 Our paper "Aluminum Plasmonics for Enhanced Visible Light Absorption and High Efficiency Water Splitting in Core-Multishell Nanowire Photoelectrodes with Ultrathin Hematite Shells" was published in Nano Letters 
May 2014
Our paper: "Semiconductor-Metal-Semiconductor Core-Multishell Nanowires as Negative-Index Metamaterial in Visible Domain" was published in Scientific Reports.
May 2014
Prof. Yang was awarded with Outstanding Advisor Award by Department of Physics. Congrats, Prof. Yang!
Apr 2014
Weixia passed the Ph.D. final exam. Congrats, Weixia!
Apr 2014
Yunlong passed the Ph.D. final exam. Congrats, Yunlong!
Feb 2014
Our paper: "Use of graphene as protection film in biological environments" was published in Scientific Reports.
Feb 2014
Our paper: "Effect of Dopants on Epitaxial Growth of Silicon Nanowires" was published in Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology.

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