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Current Members

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Head Honcho

Tim Zwier

Timothy S. Zwier
M. G. Mellon Distiguished Professor of Chemistry

Senior Editor, Journal Physical Chemistry
Senior Editor, Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters
Curriculum Vitae


Flexible Biomolecules and Hydrogen Bonding - NSF

Karl Blodgett
Graduate Student


Deiwei Sun
Graduate Student


Josh Fischer
Graduate Student



Photochemistry and Titan's Atmosphere - NASA


Khadija Jawad
Graduate Student


Photochemistry and Radicals - D.O.E.

Dan Hewett
Graduate Student


Piyush Mishra
Graduate Student




Chirped Pulse Microwave

Alicia Hernandez-Castillo


Graduate Student


Sean Fritz
Graduate Student


Bio-Ion Spectroscopy: Joint Project with Prof. Scott McLuckey


Chris Harillal
Graduate Student

John Lawler
Graduate Student


Group Alumni

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