Renewable Energy
Bioinorganic Chemistry

The Abu-Omar Research Group specializes in Catalysis, Renewable Energy, and Bioinorganic Chemistry.


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Group News & Updates

A synergistic biorefinery based on lignin conversion first: Potsdoc Dr. Parsell and graduate student Ian Klein in collaboration with colleagues in C3Bio (an Energy Frontiers Research Center) report on a highly selective catalytic process that converts lignin in native woods to aromatic compounds. The impact of accessing lignin for chemicals and fuels is important to making advanced biofuels viable. Read the full paper in Green Chemistry, and highlight in Science. Read More>>

Concurrent stabilization of opposite ligands, CO and oxo: Graduate student Mike Mazzotta and postdoc Dr. Ram Pichaandi describe the syntheses of oxorhenium(V) carbonyl complexes supported by pincer ligand. Having both pi-donor and pi-acceptor ligands on a high oxidation state metal center is unusual. In this instant the complexes are isolable and have been structurally characterized. See our report in ACIE. Read More>>

C-H activation of a metal alkyl by Ir pincer complex: Postdoc Dr. Ram Pichaandi describes C-H activation on MTO by an Ir dihydride pincer complex. The resulting binuclear complex with a bridging methylidene ligand was structurally characterized. Our findings appeared in Organometallics. Read More>>


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