Past Exploits

Return to Sugar Valley - Summer 2013

Anh and Oscar are excited about canoeing

Canoe self-assembly

Lunch break. Left to right: Thora Maltais, Anh Nguyen, Oscar Morales, Matt Casselman, Yang Liu, Jianxin Wang (with the effervescent Coco).

Oscar's half-backflip

Anh tries to outdo Oscar

Mole with camera catches group members having an unauthorized BBQ on a weekday! - June 2013

Left to right: Matt Casselman, Jianxin Wang & guest, Andrew Evans, Thora Maltais, Naveen Kadasala.

Farewell lunch for Zhenguo and Alvaro - November 2012

Back row (left to right): Matt Casselman, Andrew Evans, Jon Mehtala, Zhenguo Chen, Jianxin Wang, Nigam Arora.

Front row (left to right): Oscar Morales-Collazo, Thora Maltais, Alex Wei, Alvaro Duarte-Ruiz, Mini Thomas, Anh Nguyen, Hari Khatri, Yu Bai.

Double post-defense celebration - December 2011

Left to right: Mini Thomas (w/protege), Naveen Kadasala, Jon Mehtala, Dr. Qingshan Wei, Matt Casselman, Laura Alberch, Zhao Tang,
Alex Wei, Dr. Panuwat Padungros, Andrew Evans, Oscar Morales, Priya Murria, Yu Bai, Hari Khatri, Anh Nguyen.

Farewell lunch for Julie Conlon @ 9 Irish Brothers - July 2011

Back row (left to right) Naveen Kadasala, Qingshan Wei, Oscar Morales, Laura Alberch, Panuwat Padungros, Matt Casselman, Zhao Tang, Thora Maltais, Mini Thomas, Zhenguo Chen. Front row (left to right) Alex Wei, Hari Khatri, David Lyvers, Julie Conlon, Laura Alberch, Kulbhushan Durugkar.

Indiana Dunes - Summer 2011

Lake Michigan volleyball

Catching giant frisbee while dancing on very hot sand

Zhenguo checks out the scenery.

Canoe trip down Sugar Creek - Summer 2010

Left to right: Quy Ong (w/Mrs.), Jie Liu, Zhao Tang, Qingshan Wei, Laura Alberch, Jon Mehtala, Kulbhushan Durugkar, Matt Casselman, Oscar Morales, Rachel Weller, David Lyvers, Panuwat Padungros, Avijit Adak, Alex Wei

Video of our intrepid expedition

Cooling off in the river.


Xmas Party - Winter 2009

Enjoying good food and good company.

Goofing off.

Backyard picnic - Summer 2007

Left to right: Runhui Liu, Matt Casselman, Donna Coleman, Hyon-min Song, Heng Zhu, Alexei Leonov, Jie Liu, Laura Alberch, Gang Cheng, David Lyvers, Panuwat Padungros, Emil Bulatov, Quy Ong, Ning Ding, Qingshan Wei, Alex Wei.

Under the Chicago Bean - Spring 2007

Left to right: Gang Cheng, Matt Hansen, Quy Ong, Jie Liu, Xuehua Li, Heng Zhu, Runhui Liu.

Random Stuff

The thesis duck, checking revisions

Down at the driving range, waiting for the fume hoods to turn back on

Death by laser tag.

Research Movies

Simulated optical reflectance from 2D array of gold nanorods, as a function of nanorod height. See reference 55.

Calcium-induced blebbing caused by gold nanorods, via photothermal injury to cell membranes. See reference 46.