The Laboratory Safety Fundamentals ("LSF") course & quiz

beginning at <>

have replaced the old "CHP1" online exercise (Jan 2015).

Enter the REM webpage link above with your Purdue credentials (username, password) as you would any ITaP or onepurdue computer. Then you choose the LSF link and it takes you to the site.

Register (if it's your first time there), or log in (if you've already registered).

  • What they call "User ID" is not PUID, but a username, can be your Purdue username or another name you create or use.

  • Enter Purdue ID (PUID) where they ask for "Employee ID."

  • Give your name as it appears in University records.

  • The email address you enter will be what helps you recover log-in access if you forget either or both your User ID or passsword.

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