Glassworking Safety Information

There are hazards associated with glassblowing and other glassworking activities involving heated glass.  They are not all "common sense."

Inhalation hazards -- chemicals (unclean glassware), quartz fumes, asbestos (do not use asbestos tapes, etc.), some minerals used to color glass are toxic.

NOTE: "Canopy hoods" provide very little respiratory protection from inhalation hazards.  They do not capture much except
   1. heat
   2. lighter-than-air gases discharged immediately under the canopy
   3. maybe some of the lightest fumes or other particulates
       discharged right at the canopy



Mechanical Hazards -- glassblowers lathe, grinders...

Ergonomic injuries -- problems caused by posture/position and/or repetitive motions and/or stresses.

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