For Personal Protective Equipment and Other Safety Requirements

Assessment Date(s):  
Building:   Room:  

Task/Assignment Description: Prep of any concentration aqueous acid solution from concentrated nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, hydrobromic, acetic, or perchloric acid, in which the concentrated acid is delivered from a container not larger than 2.5 L into some other vessel by pouring, and the total amount of concentrated acid poured at one time does not exceed 500 mL.

Hazards Identified:

Eye and Face: splash
Head: none
Electrical none
Whole body: none
Respiratory: yes
Foot: splash
Hand splash
Other partial body splash

PPE Requirements:

Eye and Face: chemical splash goggles
Whole body:  
Respiratory: see other requirements
Foot: full shoes, easy off
Hand acid resistant gloves
Other labcoat to knee, button to top

Other requirements:

Certification: I certify that this hazard assessment was conducted in accordance with the provisions of the Purdue University Personal Protective Equipment Policy  

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One copy Safety Office, Safety Office will forward copy to REM.

One copy posted (visible) in room given above.