whennec.bmp (334 bytes) when/where handling cryovials, cryotubes and LN2 (liquid nitrogen) in dispensing vessels, storage vessels, or other containers in any manner that could result in hand contact with liquid nitrogen or surfaces at near-LN2 temperatures.  

whatnec.bmp (402 bytes) heavy gloves to protect hands and wrists from tissue damage by cryogens or by very cold containers and equipment.  It is necessary that they fit well enough to not fall off, but also that they are removed quickly and easily.

dondoff.bmp (538 bytes) inspect before and after donning (putting on).  Do not use them if they to not fit well enough to stay on but come off easily, or if they have holes or tears.  When removing (doffing) a glove which has come in contact with LN2, do so in a manner that avoids skin contact. 

limitations.bmp (266 bytes) NOT for immersion, they are simply "potholders" for protection from cold surfaces and LN2 splashes.  They wear out and get holes in them.  In the event of cryogen entry INTO a glove, get it off immediately or faster. 

careetc.bmp (742 bytes)  Keep clean.  Useful life predication may be available in manufacturer's literature and will depend on the conditions of use and care.  Discard in regular trash when wear becomes obvious.