Laboratory Chemical Safety Training

Before you can attend a CHP2 Live Training session:

You must have completed LSF online module AND

You must have completed PPE online reading exercise

Next Scheduled CHP2 Training Session:

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017
7:00-8:00 PM in BRWN 4102.

If you cannot fit any scheduled CHP2 meeting into your schedule, it will be necessary for you to obtain training by some other means. You may work on any projects at any time that your supervisor has determined AND documented that all appropriate steps have been taken to ensure that you are well enough (1) trained, (2) informed, (3) equipped, and (4) supervised to be safe in your work activities. The CHP2 training does not satisfy *all* requirements but provides a standardized introduction/review of basic lab chemical safety topics and emergency preparedness, and focuses on how to find and understand chemical safety information. If you are able to attend it, it will help your supervisor and department fulfill some of their legal responsibilities for providing you with what is required for safe work.