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The Dai Research Group Lab is located in the
Purdue Drug Discovery Building, 118!
720 Clinic Drive, West Lafayette, IN 47907
Phone: (765) 496-7898
Fax: (765) 496-2592
E-mail: mjdai@purdue.edu


June 2022: Big congratulations to Michael Collins for winning the 2021 Arthur Kelly Teaching Award as a Teaching Assistant in Chemistry Courses!



May 2022: We have three new Ph.D.s! Big congratulations Dr. Baiyang Jiang, Dr. Weida Liang, and Dr. Yiyang Luo, who will start at the Baran Lab, Kumquat Biosciences, and Jun He Law Offices, respectively! We are grateful for their many contributions to our lab and wish them all the best for the next career!

Baiyang-Jiang-Graduate.png      Weida-Liang-Graduate.png      Yiyang-Luo-Defense.jpg


May 2022: Big congratulations to Yecheng Wang for winning the H. C. Brown Organic Chemistry Seminar Award for the 2022 Spring semester!


May 2022: Big congratulations to our undergraduate student Lexi Fresh for winning the Outstanding Junior Chemistry Student Award!


May 2022: We say farewell to our outstanding undergraduate students Kate Gallagher and Melissa Lim, who will start their graduate study at Caltech and UC Berkeley this fall, respectively! We thank them for their many contributions to the lab and wish them best of luck for their next career development!


April 2022: Big congratulations to Hunter Sims and Dr. Donghui Ma for winning the poster award at the 37th H. C. Brown Lectures!

Hunter-Sims-Poster-Award.jpg        Donghui-Ma-poster-award.jpg

April 2022: Big congratulations to Baiyang Jiang from our group and Shruti Biyani from the Thompson group for winning the H. C. Brown Graduate Student Research Award


March 2022: Big congratulations to Hunter Sims for receiving the H. C. Brown Organic Chemistry Travel Award and the Purdue Center for Cancer Research Travel Award.

December 2021: We warmly welcome Dr. Bo Xu and Dr. Yuan Jin to join our adventure!  

November 2021: Our group was recognized by the Purdue 2021-2022 College of Science Research Award! Thanks everyone for all the hard work! Cheers!    

November 2021: Dr. Xinpei Cai embarked his postdoc career in the Yu Group at Scripps. We thank him for all of his contributions to our lab and wish him all the best in the Sunny California!


November 2021: We warmly welcome first-year graduate students Josie Bernard, Cyrus Gudeman, and Shilin Wang to join our group!

October 2021: Congratulations to Chang Liu and Mario Rivera for successfully passing their OP and becoming Ph.D. candidates!

September 2021: We say farewell and thanks to Dr. Chengsen Cui, who started his new adventure in China!

August 2021: We warmly welcome our three new undergraduate student researchers: Lexi Fresh, Declan Leaird, and Johnson Zhou!

August 2021: Xinpei Cai successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations Dr. Cai!

June 2021: Welcome Dr. Yanrong Li to join our group from the Sarlah group at UIUC!

May 2021: Mingji was selected to hold the title of Showalter Faculty Scholar from 2021 to 2026! The Showalter Faculty Scholar represents an official recognition of our group's expertise and excellence specifically in life sciences. We thank the Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Trust for supporting our research! 

May 2021: Congratulations to Dr. Brandon Martin for starting his new job at Ferring Pharmaceuticals! Good luck and have fun in San Diego, Brandon! We also thank Brandon for his many contributions to our lab in the last five years!

May 2021: Congratulations to Melissa Lim for receiving the Undergraduate Summer Research Award from Purdue Chemistry!


May 2021: Congratulations to Xinpei Cai for winning the 2021 H. C. Brown Graduate Student Research Award!

Xinpei Brown Award.JPG           Xinpei Brown Award 2.jpg

April 2021: Brandon Martin successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations Dr. Martin!

Feburary 2021: Congratulations to our joint postdoc Dr. Cassidy N. Creemer for starting her new job at Novosteo! Cassidy was also an undergraduate student researcher in our lab a few years ago. We are happy to see how she becomes a scientist! 

Cassidy Creemer-Farewell.jpg

Feburary 2021: Congratulations to Brandon S. Martin for winning the Fall 2020 H. C. Brown Graduate Student Seminar Award! Well deserved, Brandon!

Brandon Seminar Award.JPG                  Brandon with Mingji.jpg

January 2021: Our undergraduate student Takeru Saito headed to Boston to start his graduate school study at UMass Boston in medicinal chemistry! Good luck and have fun in Boston, Takeru!

Takeru - Farewell.jpg

January 2021: Welcome Crystal Jiang and Melissa Lim to join our adventure as undergraduate student researchers!

November 2020: Mingji was honored as the 2021 University Faculty Scholar

November 2020: Welcome first-year graduate students Michael Collins, Jacob Hellmig, and Yu Nishio to join our adventure!

September 2020: Congratulations to Hunter Sims, Pedro de Andrade Horn, and Yecheng Wang for successfully passing their OP and becoming Ph.D. candidates!

August 2020: Our recent PhD, Dr. Xianglin Yin started his postdoc position with Prof. Yan Xia at Stanford. We thank Xianglin's many contributions to the group and wish him good luck in his new adventure! 

August 2020: Welcome Dr. Cassidy Creemer and Dr. Donghui Ma to join our adventure!

June 2020: Mingji was awarded the Arthur E. Kelly Undergraduate Teaching Award from our Chemistry Department!

April 2020: Mingji's promotion to a full professor was recently approved by Purdue University's Board of Trustees. This promotion are effective with the 2020-21 academic year. He would like to thank his past and current group members for their contribution and his colleagues, mentors, and friends for their support and guidance! 

April 2020: Xianglin Yin successfully defended his PhD dissertation! Congratulations Dr. Yin!

April 2020: Our graduate student, Xinpei Cai was selected to participate the 2020 Graduate Research Symposium   hosted by ACS Organic Division. Xinpei will present a poster at the Symposium. Congratulations to Xinpei! We also thank the GRS committee members for giving Xinpei this opportunity to share his chemistry with the community. 

April 2020: Our undergraduate student researcher, Katelyn S. Gallagher was awarded with the Wolinski Summer Research Award! Congratulations Kate! We also thank our Chemistry Department for support! 

March 2020: Ryota Isshiki finished his visiting scholar fellowship with us and returned to Japan safely! We thank Ryota for his many contributions to the group and wish him all the best for his continuing adventure in Chemistry! 


February 2020: Welcome Purdue undergraduate students Mattie Hartauer, Alexa Neff, and Charles Enlow to join our laboratory!

January 2020: Welcome Ryota Isshiki, a visiting graduate student from Prof. Jun Yamaguchi's group at Waseda to join our laboratory!

November 2019: Welcome first-year graduate students Chang Liu and Mario Rivera to join our adventure!  

August 2019: Congratulations to Hunter Sims, who was selected as one of the NIH T32-supported trainees of the Purdue Drug Discovery Training Program (PDD-TP)!

April 2019: Congratulations to Kwaku Kyei-Baffour for successfully defending his Ph.D. thesis on April 11!

April 2019: Congratulations to Xianglin Yin for winning the 2019-2020 Bilsland Fellowship!

April 2019: Congratulations to Xiating (Tina) Li for getting the 2019 Undergraduate Student Summer Research Award!

April 2019: Congratulations to Brandon Martin for receiving the HC Brown Travel Award to support his participation in this year's GRC Heterocyclic Compounds!

November 2018: Congratulations to Brandon Martin and Xinpei Cai for passing their OP and becoming Ph.D. candidates!

November 2018: Mingji gave a WALLA Lecture at the Wabash Area Lifetime Learning Association!

October 2018: Mingji gave a talk at the Inaugural BioHub Chemistry Symposium at Waltham and the 16th Annual Amgen Young Investigators' Award Symposium at Cambridge.

BioHub group

AmGen group

September 2018: Our undergraduate student researcher Takeru Saito has been accepted into the Purdue Study Abroad Program and will spend the Spring 2019 sesmester in Singapore! Congratulations Takeru!!!

August 2018: Our lab was recently awarded one NIH MIRA R35 Grant! We would like to thank NIH for supporting our research!

August 2018: Mingji has been selected as one of the five awardees nationwide for the 2018 Amgen Young Investigators' Award. The Amgen Young Investigators’ Award recognizes young academic researchers who are making significant contributions to the field of organic synthesis and drug discovery. Along with an unrestricted funding, Mingji will have the opportunity to participate and present a lecture at the 16th Annual Young Investigators’ Award Symposium at Amgen in Cambridge, Massachusetts in October. Thank you very much Amgen for supporting our research!

July 2018: Our former graduate student Dexter Davis accepted an offer from Enanta Pharmaceuticals! Big congratulations to Dexter!

July 2018: Kwaku Kyei-Baffour attended the ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium and and presented a poster there.

June 2018: Xianglin Yin attended the 2018 GRC Heterocyclic Compounds and presented a poster at this conference.

May 2018: Big congratulations to our graduate student Kwaku Kyei-Baffour, who has scored a hat-trick by winning the 2018-2019 Bilsland Fellowship, being selected to present a poster at the prestigious ACS Division of Organic Chemistry Graduate Research Symposium at Indiana University (July 26-29, 2018), and being elected as a member of the NOBCChE Technical Sessions Committee! Way to go Kwaku!

April 2018: Mingji successfully chaired the 35th Herbert C. Brown Lectures! He would like to thank the distinguished speakers, the poster presenters, and all the participants for making this event wonderful and memorable!

Brown lecturers People listening to a lecture

April 2018: Our graduate student Xianglin Yin won the First Prize Poster Award in Synthesis at the 35th Herbert C. Brown Lectures! Congratulations!

April 2018: Mingji's promotion to associate professor with tenure was recently approved by Purdue University's Board of Trustees. He would like to thank all the past and current group members for their contribution!

March 2018: Mingji gave talks at the 18th Biennial Lilly Grantee Symposium and the FloHet 2018!

18th Biennial Lilly Grantee Symposium on March 12 2018 FloHet 2018 group

March 2018: Our undergraduate student Takeru Saito was selected as one of the 2018 Summer Stay Scholars! Congratulations Takeru!

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