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Dr. Joe Francisco
Joe Francisco
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Selected Publications

•Du S. Y.;Francisco, J. S.;Schenter, G. K.;Iordanov, T. D.;Garrett, B. C.;Dupuis, M.;Li, J., The OH radical-H2O molecular interaction potential . Journal of Chemical Physics 2006 , 124 , -.

•Francisco J. S., Ab initio study of the structure, bonding, vibrational spectra, and energetics of XBS+ (where X=H, F, and Cl) . Journal of Chemical Physics 2006 , 124 , -.

•Rosado-Reyes C. M.;Francisco, J. S., Atmospheric oxidation pathways of acetic acid . Journal of Physical Chemistry A 2006 , 110 , 4419-4433.

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