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Purdue Ultracold Molecule Lab


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Forming a single molecule by magnetoassociation in an optical tweezer

Physical Review Letters 124, 253401, 2020arXiv.

JT Zhang, Y Yu, WB Cairncross, K Wang, LRB Picard, JD Hood, Y-W Lin, JM Hutson, K-K Ni


Reduction of laser intensity noise over 1 MHz band for single atom trapping

Optics Express 28(21), 31209-31215v, 2020. arXiv.

Y Wang, K Wang, EF Fenton, YW Lin, K-K Ni, JD Hood


Multichannel interactions of two atoms in an optical tweezer

Physical Review Research 2(2), 023108, 2020.  arXiv

JD Hood, YC Yu, YW Lin, JT Zhang, K Wang, LR Liu, B Gao, and K-K Ni


Building one molecule from a reservoir of two atoms

Science (cover), 360(6391):900–903, 2018.    arXiv.

LR Liu, JD Hood, YC Yu, JT Zhang, NR Hutzler, T Rosenband, and K-K Ni


Motional ground-state cooling outside the lamb-dicke regime

Physical Review A, 97(6):063423.    arXiv.

YC Yu, NR Hutzler, JT Zhang, LR Liu, JD Hood, T Rosenband, and K-K Ni



Atom-light interactions in quasi-one-dimensional nanostructures: A green’s-function perspective

Physical Review A, 95(3):033818, 2017.    arXiv.

A Asenjo-Garcia, JD Hood, DE Chang, and HJ Kimble


Atom-atom interactions around the band edge of a photonic crystal waveguide

PNAS, 113(38):10507–10512, 2016.    arXiv.

JD Hood, A Goban, A Asenjo-Garcia, M Lu, S-P Yu, DE Chang, and HJ Kimble


Superradiance for atoms trapped along a photonic crystal waveguide

Physical Review Letters, 115(6):063601, 2015.    arXiv.

A Goban†, C-L Hung†, JD Hood†, S-P Yu†, JA Muniz, O Painter, and HJ Kimble


Atom–light interactions in photonic crystals

Nature Communications, 5, 2014.    arXiv.

A Goban†, C-L Hung†, S-P Yu†, JD Hood†, JA Muniz†, JH Lee, MJ Martin, AC Mc-

Clung, KS Choi, DE Chang, et al.


Nanowire photonic crystal waveguides for single-atom trapping and strong light-matter interactions

Applied Physics Letters, 104(11):111103, 2014.    arXiv.

S-P Yu†, JD Hood†, JA Muniz, MJ Martin, R Norte, C-L Hung, SM Meenehan, JD Cohen,

O Painter, and HJ Kimble


Enhancement of mechanical q factors by optical trapping

Physical Review Letters, 108(21):214302, 2012.    arXiv.

K-K Ni, R Norte, DJ Wilson, JD Hood, DE Chang, O Painter, and HJ Kimble