Purdue University
Indiana Instrumentation Institute
Indiana University

a 21st Century Funded Initiative



The long-standing strengths in chemical instrumentation and analytical chemistry at both Indiana University and Purdue University, have led to the founding of a new center of excellence. Created in 1999 by the Indiana General Assembly via the 21st Century Fund, the Indiana Instrumentation Institute (III) has been established to formalize and strengthen existing relationships between Purdue University and Indiana University, and State industry, in the area of scientific instrumentation. The focus is on development of new instrumentation, improvement in instrumentation infrastructure, and partnerships with industries involved in chemical measurements. Key objectives consist on:


      accelerating the transfer of advanced instrumentation and technology from university laboratories into marketable products;


      diversifying Indiana's economy by focusing investment in biomedical research and biotechnology, information technology, and other high technology industry clusters requiring high skill, high wage employees;


      assisting graduate students and others in founding start-ups companies based on research work done at Purdue and IU;


      developing programs of research in mass spectrometry and optical imaging;


      creating specialized facilities and infrastructures needed for development of new types of instruments;


      encouraging an environment of innovation and cooperation among universities and businesses to promote research activity.


The III has received funding from the Indiana 21st Century Fund and includes participants from the Chemistry Departments of Purdue University and Indiana University, and the Krannert School of Management, of Purdue University and industrial partners such as Bioanalytical Systems, Inc., Eli Lilly & Company, Environmental Health Laboratories, Photosomes, Inc., Spectracode, Inc., and Endocyte, Inc.