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Dear Members and Friends of the Purdue Chapter of NOBCChE,

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     NOBCChE is an organization committed to the professional and educational growth of under-represented minorities in the sciences. The purpose of the Purdue University NOBCChE Chapter is to provide a support system which enables minority students to improve their academic and professional performance in science and chemical engineering. In turn, our chapter contributes to Purdue Universitys student body and local community through serving as role models to students from elementary to graduate school, and stimulating their interest in pursuing both undergraduate and graduate degrees in scientific disciplines. One of our primary objectives this year deeply involves retention. That is retention of minority undergraduate as well as graduate students. Our focus is helping undergraduates obtain B.S. degrees and to encourage them to pursue graduate degrees. Likewise, we are assisting current graduate students obtaining doctoral degrees. Other objectives for our chapter includes (1) boosting member participation and undergraduate membership, (2) assisting undergrads with coursework, and (3) continuing with research round table discussions. Through the fulfilling of these objectives/goals the Purdue NOBCChE chapter will be doing its part in the professional and education growth of under-represented minorities in the sciences.

     If you are interested or have questions about the organization please send your correspondence to the address below.

Chasity B. Love
Chapter President
Purdue University

NOBCChE: Purdue Chapter
Department of Chemistry
560 Oval Drive Box 206
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2087
Fax: (765) 494-0239

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