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RIC User Policy

All students will be trained on the proper use of the instruments. Students should submit a training request. The training request will be reviewed by Amy Facility personnel and the student will be contacted to schedule the training.

Users will be asked to provide an account number to charge for training and instrument usage.

All users must undergo proper safety training before being permitted in the lab. Copies of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) training and either the HCP or LSF (official) training certificate should be emailed to the RIC manager. If a user has not already done this as part of their own department’s safety protocol, please refer to REM’s website for details.

Access will be allowed only during normal business hours for non-departmental users. Special provisions can be made on a case-by-case basis for after-hours access if needed. The request will be reviewed/approved by Amy Facility personnel. In no case will keys be issued to the room or the chemistry building.

Users and the principle investigator must sign a User Agreement stating that they are financially responsible for damages beyond normal wear and tear. For non-departmental users, the signed agreement needs to contain the signature of their Department Head in order to transfer funds between departments.

The instrumentation rooms should be kept clean and tidy.

Users who have concerns or difficulties with the implementation of this policy should address the issues first with the RIC manager and/or the Amy Facility director, then the Chemistry Department Head if a satisfactory solution can not be reached.