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The Simpson Research Group

Research focused on developing and applying nonlinear optical instrumentation for studies of interfaces and chiral microcrystals.

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Group News:

  • (Above) This video highlights research at Purdue University's Department of Chemistry in the Simpson Research Group focusing on Polarization-resolved SHG microscopy as a method to visualize protein crystal domains.
  • The use of SONICC in conjunction with two-photon excited UV-fluorescence imaging for the selective imaging of APIs within powdered blends was featured on the cover of Analytical Chemistry, June 2012, and highlighted in C&EN in July 2012.
  • Chris Dettmar was honored with a poster award at the APS Users Meeting in May of 2012.
  • The use of SONICC for the detection of membrane protein crystals in lipidic mesophases was recently highlighted on the cover of Analytical Chemistry, January 2010.



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