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 September 29, 2021
Kyla, Jay, and Felipe spent the first half of this week at Washington University in St. Louis performing fuel burning experiments with Dr. Rajan Chakrabarty for one of our DOE projects.

September 29, 2021
Our group is excited about a new research opportunity enabled by DOE for our science project that will utilize integrated capabilities of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility and Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL).

September 24, 2021
Our group travelled to Turkey Run State park for an annual conference on Analytical Chemistry organized by students from Midwest Universities.

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We are a multi-disciplinary experimental group with research interests in the areas of Analytical and Physical Chemistry of airborne particles and environmental interfaces, driven by the overarching goals of understanding their impact on the atmospheric chemistry, the air pollution and the Earth’s climate. Our research efforts include three inter-related areas: Development and applications of new analytical methods for chemical characterization of aerosols; Chemical imaging and molecular-level studies of field collected particles; Laboratory studies of multi-phase chemistry of particles and interfaces. 

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Department of Chemistry
Purdue University
560 Oval Drive
West Lafayette, IN 47907-2084
Phone: (765) 494-5243
Twitter: @alaskinlab

Recent Publications

208) Z. Fang, C. Li, T. Gröger, H. Czech, Q. He, J. Zeng, H. Fang, S. Xiao, M. Pardo, D. Meidan, X. Wang, S. Cohen, R. Zimmermann, A. Laskin, Y. Rudich. Secondary organic aerosols produced from secondary biomass burning VOCs: chemical composition, cytotoxicity, and optical properties. Environment International, 157, 106801, (2021). Read our work here.

207) M. Misovich, A. Hettiyadura, W. Jiang, Q. Zhang, A. Laskin. “A Molecular Level Study of the Photo Oxidation of Aqueous Phase Guaiacyl Acetone in the Presence of 3C*: Formation of Brown Carbon Products” ACS Earth and Space Chemistry, 5, 1983–1996, (2021). Read our work here.

206) Y. Wang, G. Zheng, M. Jensen, D. Knopf, A. Laskin, A. Matthews, D. Mechem, F. Mei, R. Moffet, A. Sedlacek, J. Shilling, S. Springston, A. Sullivan, J. Tomlinson, R. Weber, D. Veghte, R. Wood, M. Zawadowicz, J. Wang Vertical profiles of trace gas and aerosol properties over the Eastern North Atlantic: Variations with season and synoptic condition Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, 21, 11079–11098, (2021). Read our work here.

205) Y. Zhou, C.P. West, A.P.S. Hettiyadura, X. Niu, H. Wen, J. Cui, T. Shi, W. Pu, X. Wang, A. Laskin. Measurement Report: Molecular Composition, Optical Properties, and Radiative Effects of Water-Soluble Organic Carbon in Snowpack Samples from Northern Xinjiang, China. Atmos. Chem. Phys., 21, 8531-8555 (2021). Read our work here.

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