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Analyze This Analytical Chemistry Applied to Interdisciplinary Research

Hilkka Kenttämaa

Professor Hilkka I. Kenttämaa’s research group is interested in various aspects of organic and bioorganic mass spectrometry. The focus areas include improving the fundamental understanding of gas-phase ion chemistry and the reactivity of various reaction intermediates, and the development of mass spectrometric methods for the structural characterization and quantitation of molecules directly in complex mixtures. Current research areas include the determination of the chemical properties of organic polyradicals, and mass spectrometric methods development for the detailed characterization of various complex mixtures, including crude oil and its components, degraded biomass, and drug metabolites.

An REU student working with the Kenttämaa group would be involved in any of the above research areas, learn to use different types of mass spectrometers, analyze mass spectrometric data, and design mass spectrometry experiments to address specific problems.  Anticipated REU mentor would be a graduate student selected based on the student’s specific interests.