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Analyze This Analytical Chemistry Applied to Interdisciplinary Research

Chengde Mao

Professor Chengde Mao's research lies at the interface between chemistry, biology, nanotechnology and materials science.

It falls into two general themes:

  1. developing nanotechnology with biochemical approaches
  2. applying nanotechnology to address fundamental problems in chemistry and biology.

Current projects include using self-assembled DNA structures as templates in soft lithography to develop novel nanofabrication methods, fabricating nano/microstructured systems to mimic the nuclear environment of the cell and develop experimental and theoretical methods for structural analysis, and imaging and chemical/enzymatic probing of in vitro model systems to understand the Holliday junction.

An REU student working with the Mao group is expected to work on programmed DNA self-assembly. He/she will develop new ways to assemble short, synthetic DNA oligonucleotides into pre-designed nanostructures. Anticipated REU mentor would be Ms. Mo Li, a very successful, fourth year graduate student in the Mao group.