The CHP2 Training Sessions are now given by Paul Bower, our Safety Coordinator. They are no longer given by REM.

All Grad Students, Visiting Scholars, Visiting Researchers, and Undergrads in both CHM 499 and CHM 197 are required to have CHP2 Training. This is a 60 Presentation on the basics of laboratory safety in research labs. Once you have completed your CHP2 training, you will not need to have this training again.


These will be offered several times during the year, during the beginning of each semester, and a few times during the summer. These are offered as Group Sessions.

You must have completed (and know the date) of the
Laboratory Safety Fundamentals online course

You must have completed (and know the date) of the PPE online reading exercise

CHP2 Registration Form Link

If you cannot fit a scheduled CHP2 meeting into your schedule, or there is not one scheduled at this time, it is completely acceptable that you obtain training by some other means. As long as the training satisfies the requirements of the Laboratory Standard and your Chemical Hygiene Plan, it does not matter who leads it.

Some departments require some or all of their lab workers to participate in the live CHP2 training meeting as soon as scheduling permits. Until/before you attend a required (by your department) CHP2 meeting, you may work on any projects at any time that your supervisor has determined AND documented that all appropriate steps have been taken to ensure that you are well enough (1) trained, (2) informed, (3) equipped, and (4) supervised to be safe in your work activities.




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