This is Department of Chemistry policy only, not for other dept use.  

You said YES to the question " Does your work or research include laboratory use of chemicals?" (Or possibly you have been directed here by someone who knows this is where you belong.)

INITIAL TRAINING (at time of beginning work or research)

1a. Complete the HSI online course (Purdue - Lab Safety Fundamentals) and Quiz, NOTE: The huge LSF has been replaced with the new HSI Platform. Once these modules have been completed, either send a screenshot of your HSI completed modules, OR send the individual Certificates to Paul at . The huge LSF has been separated into several smaller units. This year (Fall 2023) we are requiring all who work in labs the following set of training modules:

For returning 2+ years, perform these same four modules, plus any other Safety Training Module that is relevant to your specific Group. Chrome is the recommended browser.

1b. Complete a new CHPAC (Chemical Hygiene Plan Awareness Certification) that is specific for Your Group. This states that you are familiar with your Groups SOP's for the procedures done in your lab. This is only needed during your first year. A blank CHPAC form is available (this will download the Word file) if your group does not have a customized version for this year; add your group's name and location, and your info. The Chemistry CHP model/template is here (this is the full document manual). Until your group has completed its own CHP, use the template guidance.

2. Complete the PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) online reading exercises for everything relevant to your lab, but don't check the "welding shades box" , and follow all instructions.  There is a confirmation form to print, fill out, and submit.

3. Complete the BEP (Building Emergency Plan) training exercises. Just view the Powerpoint slides, then print and fill out the BEP certification form.

Print the confirmation forms for 1a. ("diploma") and 1b, 2, and 3.  Your signature and your supervisors signature are required on some of these.  Keep a copy for your records.

The original completed forms (Not photocopies) go to  Paul Bower in WTHR 173 .

REFRESHER TRAINING ANNUALLY -- Perform 1a, 2, and 3 every year before June 15th, and submit the signed forms. If your LSF certificate is not over a year old, that is not a big problem, but we are trying to get people on the May/June refreshing training program just because it is most convenient when classes are not in session.