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Building Emergency Plan (BEP)

It is the responsibility of each supervisor to ensure that all of the people in his or her group have completed the BEP training and submitted the signed paper training certification.

BEP training and training record submission consists of:

  1. Reading the Emergency Procedures Guide flipbook & read your building's BEP (links are directly below).
  2. Complete, print, sign, get supervisor signature, send or take to Paul Bower at WTHR 173A (mailbox #111)

A PowerPoint presentation of the BRWN/WTHR BEP is available for the people in those buildings: BEP (BRWN/WTHR) PPT Presentation


Emergency Assembly Areas:

BEP Areas

If you are, at the time of the evacuation alarm, inside of either BRWN or WTHR, find your building/floor in the chart to the right of the above map, and go to the corresponding EAA (Emergency Assembly Area) indicated on that chart.  If you are teaching, stay with your class, or as many of them as possible.  If you were near the site of something notable (explosion, fire, etc.), please stay at the EAA so that you can be found to answer questions.

The more information that is available about the status of personnel who might have been injured or trapped, the better.  Emergency responders will risk their lives looking for someone who is thought to be trapped.  If that person is in fact not trapped but safely out of the building, that’s a very important piece of information.

  • Secondary location (should be inside a nearby building in case of inclement weather):
  • All Emergency Assembly Area’s (EAA) from WTHR, which includes #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, should meet in Stewart Center (STEW).
  • All Emergency Assembly Area’s (EAA) from BRWN, which includes #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, should meet in the Purdue Memorial Union (PMU).