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Chemistry in the News

Technology developed in Professor Low's lab has successfully completed studies as an influenza drug treatment (07.09.2024)

Watch how our Amy Instrumentation Facility recently collaborated with Professor Jesse Zhang’s Lab to develop a patent-pending technology (07.01.2024)

Technology developed by Professor Jesse Zhang provides site- and chemical-specific control of processes within live cells (06.24.2024)

Professor Sintim and team engineer compound designed to treat drug-resistant acute myeloid leukemia (06.20.2024)

Purdue ranks 4th in U.S. for U.S. patents received in 2023 (06.12.2024)

Department of Chemistry renamed in honor of longtime donors James and Margaret Tarpo (06.10.2024)

Purdue researchers’ crystal engineering modifies 2D metal halide perovskites into 1D nanowires (06.06.2024)

Purdue Chemist Justin Andrews honored with Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancement Award from Oak Ridge Associated Universities (06.04.2024)

Purdue chemists use mass spec tool to help surgeons detect tumor tissue during cancer surgery (05.28.2024)

Professor Chopra and team accelerating scientific and drug discovery in an AI-powered lab (05.07.2024)

Professor Jianguo Mei named Department Head (04.30.2024)

Professor Philip Low's discoveries celebrated during World Malaria Day (04.25.2024)

Analytical chemistry graduate students land highly competitive fellowships to fund electrochemistry research (04.25.2024)

Trevor Anderson chosen as fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (04.22.2024)

Purdue Chemistry earns sustainability award (04.09.2024)

Distinguished Alumni Award (04.08.2024)

Helium first discovered during 1868 eclipse; the element later developed by 20th century chemist, Purdue science leader (03.27.2024)

Professor Low awarded by American Lung Association for cancer-fighting invention (03.21.2024)

Chemistry alumni elected to the National Academy of Engineers (03.15.2024)

NMR facility instrumentation upgrade (03.11.2024)

Uyeda honored with College of Science Faculty Research Award for groundbreaking contributions to organic synthesis and catalyst development (02.28.2024)

Purdue College of Science team’s quantum optics discovery featured in Nature Physics (02.26.2024)

Professor Jeffrey Dick recognized with early career analytical chemistry award (02.22.2024)

Alumnus Zheng Ouyang returns to campus to talk about his team’s mass spectrometry breakthrough (02.15.2024)

Professor Herman Sintim awarded Trask Funding to support research of arthritis treatments (01.24.2024)

Professor Valentin Walther joins Departments of Chemistry and Physics and Astronomy (01.23.2024)

Professors Sabre Kais and Angeline Lyon awarded fall 2023 SPARK and NIH incentive funding for separate projects (01.08.2024)

Chemistry professor R. Graham Cooks expands research of water droplet interfaces that offer the secret ingredient for building life (01.02.2024)

2023 NIH NCATS ASPIRE Summit on Artificial Intelligence and Automation of Chemical and Biological Systems to Accelerate Drug Discovery (12.12.2023)

Purdue trustees ratify new faculty positions for Professors Sintim and Uyeda (12.08.2023)

Professor Jianguo Mei and his lab look to the human eye to boost computer vision efficiency (11.29.2023)

Emerita Professor Mary Wirth earns EAS Award for Outstanding Achievements in Separation Science (11.27.2023)

Chemistry faculty members presented Acorn Awards (11.04.2023)

Professor Ramachandran selected as Pradhan Endowment Fellow (11.03.2023)

Purdue's Office of Research names Professor Chopra as research fellow in Indiana’s AnalytiXIN (11.01.2023)

Professor Chopra named as research fellow to collaborate, innovate with AnalytiXIN (11.01.2023)

Chemistry professor Julia Laskin awarded unique NSF Special Creativity Extension (10.30.2023)

Chemistry professor Jonathan Schlebach leads team awarded NIH funding for cystic fibrosis research (10.18.2023)

Professor Sabre Kais, IBM perform perturbation theory method on quantum computer (10.11.2023)

Professor Low: Innovation from the lab to the world (10.11.2023)

Professor Julia Laskin part of a research team awarded NIH Director's Transformative Research Award (10.09.2023)

Chemistry alumnus earns prestigious organic chemistry award named for Herbert C. Brown (09.18.2023)

Professor Low awarded $1.3 million for malaria drug trials in Southeast Asia and Africa (09.15.2023)

Professor Wilker using nature as inspiration for a sustainable, affordable adhesive system (09.14.2023)

Professor Marcy Towns named interim department head (09.12.2023)

Professor Tao and team develop liquid biopsy method that may reveal signs of Parkinson’s disease in urine samples (09.11.2023)

Professor Suzanne Bart earns prestigious synthetic inorganic chemistry award (09.11.2023)

Professor Schmidt's bio-based glues form adhesive bonds that grow stronger in water (09.07.2023)

Professor Low working with team on first-in-class targeted microRNA therapy that slows cancer tumor growth (09.05.2023)

Water Is Essential to Life. How Could It Ever Go Out of Style? (08.31.2023)

K-12 Outreach summer 2023 projects (08.15.2023)

Chaney-Hale Hall of Science chemistry teaching labs updated with new iPads (08.15.2023)

New Fall 2023 Faculty (08.11.2023)

Fluorine Chemistry research at Purdue during the Manhattan Project (07.11.2023)

Manhattan Project research at Purdue propelled Chemistry Department's postwar growth (07.07.2023)

A Purdue Chemistry Professor’s encounter with an Atomic Spy (06.27.2023)

In Memoriam: Alumnus Alvin W. Czanderna (06.26.2023)

In Memoriam: Alumnus Frank Brown, Jr. (06.09.2023)

Professors Huang and Metskas part of two separate teams awarded SPARK program funding (06.06.2023)

Professor Chmielewski awarded Wetherill Medal (05.16.2023)

Professor Parkinson earns STEM award (05.08.2023)

Congratulations to the Seniors in the Class of 2023 (05.05.2023)

Analytical Chemistry ranked No. 1 in U.S. News and World Report (04.25.2023)

Professor Mei and team build transparent conductors without expensive rare-earth indium (04.24.2023)

Undergraduate Abi Soliven earns prestigious Goldwater Scholarship (04.20.2023)

2023 Chemistry Faculty Promotions (04.17.2023)

2023 Distinguished Alumni Award (04.05.2023)

2023 Spring Faculty (04.03.2023)

Professor Low presents Hovde Distinguished Lecture on April 13 (03.22.2023)

Professor Cooks presents Hovde Distinguished Lecture on April 6 (03.22.2023)

Longtime staff member Bob Santini dies at age 81 (03.16.2023)

Eight Chemistry faculty members earn Early Career awards (03.10.2023)

Negishi community cluster supercomputer dedicated in ceremony featuring campus leaders, Negishi family (02.27.2023)

Professor Chi Zhang part of team receiving $2.5 million NIH grant to define the role of lipid droplets in muscle stem cell function (02.23.2023)

Four cancer drugs invented, but Low’s greatest legacy may be in malaria (01.26.2023)

Professor Chmielewski named 2023 Purdue Dreamer Award recipient (01.10.2023)

Professor Chmielewski named Interim Dean (12.22.2022)

FDA approves new use of drug to help doctors during lung cancer surgery - pioneered by Professor Low (12.16.2022)

Ukrainian Scientist joins Chemistry Department (12.01.2022)

Lyudmila Slipchenko selected as University Faculty Scholar (11.28.2022)

Adam Wasserman selected as University Faculty Scholar (11.17.2022)

Alumnus Kurtis Sluss develops medical device app used for studies on opiate withdrawal, military concussions (11.09.2022)

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor Jurgen (George) Honig (11.04.2022)

The Conversation: Water was both essential and a barrier to early life on Earth – microdroplets are one potential solution to this paradox (11.02.2022)

Chem Ed Alum, TikTok Star Phil Cook featured on Purdue Podcast (10.27.2022)

Purdue-led team wins international NIH award (10.24.2022)

Scientific Glass Lab Update (10.19.2022)

Grad Student Nathan Lin selected for DOE’s Science Graduate Student Research Program (10.19.2022)

Ocean spray may have created conditions for life to form on Earth, new study suggests (10.07.2022)

Something’s in the air: It’s nanoplastic pollution (10.06.2022)

The fountain of life: Water droplets hold the secret ingredient for building life (10.03.2022)

Scientists Made a Breakthrough on Life’s Origin and It Could Change Everything (10.03.2022)

New Fall 2022 Faculty (09.14.2022)

Chemistry Outreach teams with EAPS to teach science along the mighty Wabash River (09.13.2022)

Professor Chi Zhang receives award to research real-time precision control of biomolecules in live cells (09.02.2022)

Professor Ramachandran and team receive Trask funding for promising C. diff therapeutic (08.10.2022)

The man behind the glass in your lab (08.05.2022)

Sun Polymers Summer Scholars (07.29.2022)

What do fireworks look like from space? (06.30.2022)

Professor Shelley Claridge to receive the Schmidt Science Polymaths Award (06.29.2022)

Chemistry receives award for recycling Personal Protective Equipment (06.24.2022)

Understanding the science behind fireworks (06.20.2022)

Professor Garth Simpson will lead new Institute for Advanced Manufacturing of Pharmaceuticals (06.10.2022)

Professor Fred Regnier gives an update on his work at Novilytic (06.06.2022)

Professor Philip Low's lab receives surprise $8.5 million estate gift (06.06.2022)

Professor Dor Ben-Amotz retires after more than 30 years at Purdue (06.01.2022)

Congratulations to our Seniors in the Class of 2022 (05.06.2022)

Emeritus Professor Fred Regnier's biochemistry analytics company Novilytic secures $1.6 million seed round (05.03.2022)

Purdue leads in awarding Ph.D.s to Black students in chemistry and other STEM disciplines (05.02.2022)

Watch Professor Low talk about recent FDA approval and research in the pipeline (05.02.2022)

Professor Low's research earns another FDA approval (04.28.2022)

Journal of Physical Chemistry tribute to retiring Professor Dor Ben-Amotz (04.28.2022)

Feature story of undergraduates Kennedy Outlaw (Lyon Lab) and Diane Santos (Parkinson Lab) who are best friends in chemistry (04.18.2022)

2022 Distinguished Alumni Award (04.07.2022)

U.S. rankings: Purdue remains No. 1 in Analytical Chemistry (03.30.2022)

Purdue research by Dr. Low instrumental in early development of FDA-approved advanced prostate cancer diagnostic and treatment (03.28.2022)

FDA approves Novartis prostate cancer therapy pioneered by Professor Low and Endocyte (03.23.2022)

ACS award honors Dr. Low for his cancer research and innovations to improve lives (02.23.2022)

K-12 outreach is back to hosting in-person, high school labs (02.09.2022)

Chemistry Alumnae join ASMS Board (01.21.2022)

Professor Low Purdue-Discovered Drug Strengthens Fight Against Cancer Podcast (01.20.2022)

Alumnus and faculty member Zhong-Yin Zhang and team develop cancer immunotherapy treatment (01.13.2022)

New Chemistry Professorship (12.14.2021)

FDA approves pioneering drug for ovarian cancer surgery (11.29.2021)

Periodic Table Update - It is Time to Redecorate (11.15.2021)

Watch Dr. Miri Niedrauer's incredible journey as a Boilermaker and Army Veteran (11.01.2021)

Professor Cooks elected to Indian National Science Academy (10.08.2021)

Therapeutic malaria treatment of previously FDA-approved drug is shown to be 100% effective in clearing the parasite; the drug is entering phase 3 trials (10.06.2021)

Chemistry undergrad earns 2021 Astronaut Scholarship (09.28.2021)

Purdue celebrates dedication of Chaney-Hale Hall of Science (09.27.2021)

Ei-ichi Negishi 1935–2021: The carbon–carbon bond-maker (08.31.2021)

Professor David Thompson part of team awarded NSF $2M to improve pharmaceutical supply chains (08.26.2021)

Malaria treatment shown to be 100% effective in Phase 2 trial (08.26.2021)

Quantum scientists and engineers at four Indiana universities and their new Center for Quantum Technologies partner with Entanglement, Inc to emerge as Midwest leaders for quantum technology breakthroughs (08.26.2021)

Science K-12 Outreach Update (08.12.2021)

Professor Alex Laskin and Team Receive New DOE Research Grant (07.30.2021)

DOE Funding for Kais QIS Team (07.29.2021)

Professor Cooks and team discover glass catalysis shatters material’s inert reputation (07.08.2021)

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor Joseph Wolinsky (07.06.2021)

Professor Kais is part of a team leading the new Center for Quantum Technologies (07.01.2021)

Ei-ichi Negishi, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, Dies at 85 (06.22.2021)

Ei-ichi Negishi, Nobel-winning chemist who made ‘art in a test tube,’ dies at 85 (06.14.2021)

Nobel laureate Ei-ichi Negishi dies at 85, Organic chemist known for coupling reaction remembered as warm and generous (06.11.2021)

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor Ei-ichi Negishi (06.10.2021)

Professor Wilker studies how shellfish create adhesives (06.02.2021)

Professor Low targets ovarian cancer and completes Phase 3 trial (05.20.2021)

What is next for The Class of 2021 graduates (05.18.2021)

Professor Dai and team synthesize a new compound found in shrub’s roots to combat cancer protein (04.20.2021)

Undergrad earns prestigious Goldwater scholarship (04.16.2021)

2021 Science Awards (04.16.2021)

Professor Claridge wins 2021 Murphy Teaching Award (03.23.2021)

In Memoriam: Emeritus Professor George Bodner (03.20.2021)

Professor Kenttämaa receives NASA Engineering & Safety Center Award (02.17.2021)

Professor Towns selected as IUPAC 2021 Distinguished Woman in Chemistry (02.08.2021)

Graduate student tests new theory for quantum state tomography (02.08.2021)

Professor Alex Laskin and team receive funding to study Atmospheric Brown Carbon (02.05.2021)

Bone treatment startup raises $5.5 M in Series A financing (02.04.2021)

Celebrating African American Chemists: Herman O. Sintim (02.01.2021)

Emeritus Professor Fuchs' Akanocure Pharmaceuticals receives NSF funding to tackle COVID-19 (01.27.2021)

Professor Chmielewski utilizes Trask funding (01.12.2021)

Purdue researchers apply machine learning concepts to create a new mass spec method (01.04.2021)

Chemistry Diversity Initiative Fall 2020 Update (12.31.2020)

Profile of Professor Wilker (12.21.2020)

Emeritus Professor Harry Morrison publishes enzyme sourcebook (12.21.2020)

In Memoriam: Alumnus Dr. William E. Moore (12.16.2020)

New cancer immunotherapy shows great promise in early research (12.09.2020)

Graduate student receives high ranking in IBM Quantum Challenge (12.04.2020)

Artificial intelligence collaboration seeking to hasten COVID-19 insights (12.03.2020)

Katritzky reaction rate turbocharged by glassware (11.30.2020)

New therapy for flu may help in fight against COVID-19 (11.23.2020)

Professor Low startup gains major funding to keep developing use of immune system to fight cancer (11.18.2020)

Undergrad earns SURF Symposium Award (11.17.2020)

Sticky Sea Creatures Close Wounds (11.17.2020)

Professor Chopra is applying robust machine learning to develop new and fast reactions (11.17.2020)

Alumna promotes social responsibility in science (11.16.2020)

Professor Cooks and team advancing a Green Chemistry catalyst (11.12.2020)

Professor Low and team developing targeted therapies to reduce lung fibrosis (11.11.2020)

Professor Chopra's Research featured on Inside Indiana Business (10.29.2020)

Machine learning model helps characterize compounds for drug discovery (10.14.2020)

In Memoriam: Professor Jim Brewster (10.05.2020)

Purdue has the chemistry lab of the future today (09.29.2020)

Ultrapotent compound may help treat C. diff, reduce recurrence (09.24.2020)

Novosteo sees growth as it develops injectable drug to heal broken bones (09.23.2020)

Black chemists protest systemic racism and connect with each other on social media (09.09.2020)

Alumnus organizes ISLAND conference to focus on STEM access for all learners (09.08.2020)

Professor Kais' new theory and more efficient way to develop quantum algorithms (08.31.2020)

Chaney-Hale Hall of Science opens for Fall 2020 semester (08.21.2020)

Professor emerita continues research during retirement on West Coast (08.14.2020)

Alumnus/Purdue scientist identifies new target for wide array of cancers (08.10.2020)

New Faculty for Fall 2020 (08.06.2020)

Changing seawater hints at future for adhesives from sea creatures (07.29.2020)

Innovators receive $1.3 million from DoD for traumatic brain injury, Alzheimer’s (07.21.2020)

Ei-ichi Negishi 85th Birthday (07.14.2020)

Negishi's Reagent (07.03.2020)

Professor Cooks is widening, quickening uses of spectrometry (06.23.2020)

Candles, celebration, chemistry: Scenes from Juneteenth in Greater Lafayette (06.19.2020)

$400,000 SBIR grant fast-tracks new approach to treating lung, thyroid cancers (06.18.2020)

Department Head's Message in response to recent events (06.07.2020)

In Memoriam: Harry Pardue (06.05.2020)

Professor Sintim's startup gets funding fast-track for cancer drug platform (06.03.2020)

What is next for The Class of 2020 graduates (05.29.2020)

Alum Dennis Barket prepares for next move (05.14.2020)

Questioning the value of general chemistry labs (05.10.2020)

Alumna Ellen Matson selected as Dreyfus Teacher-Scholar for 2020 (05.01.2020)

NSF provides more support for drug discovery platform to create options for hard-to-treat cancers (04.29.2020)

Purdue ranked 3rd nationally in startup creation (04.28.2020)

Pursuing Particle Chemistry: Professor Alex Laskin (04.27.2020)

Alumna Livia Eberlin awarded Young Investigator (04.24.2020)

GSAB names 2020-2021 members (04.21.2020)

Chemistry alum Ian Klein has a fix for vanilla shortage (04.15.2020)

Purdue Podcast - Science at Work - Biochemistry (04.06.2020)

STEM Building named Chaney-Hale Hall of Science (04.02.2020)

Transition to online instruction (03.31.2020)

Purdue researchers leap to discover more about coronavirus (03.31.2020)

Grad Student earns Eli Lilly-Stark Neuroscience Research Fellowship (03.28.2020)

In Memoriam: Bill Baitinger (03.28.2020)

Alumnus wins Senior Olympics Medals (03.26.2020)

Professor Wilker's startup ready to take unique Purdue adhesive technology to the market (03.10.2020)

Making adhesives for electronics, vehicles, and construction tougher (03.03.2020)

Injectable drug for faster healing of bone fractures prepares for clinical trials (02.11.2020)

Purdue-discovered fluorescent markers to illuminate cancer, receives FDA fast track as Phase 3 clinical trials begin (02.06.2020)

Purdue’s first Chemistry professor featured in PBS TV program (01.29.2020)

Coronavirus therapies slowed by intermittent nature of outbreaks (01.22.2020)

Professor Cooks presented Chinese Scientific Award (01.14.2020)

Professor Tao and team develop way to track salmonella infection in real time (01.07.2020)

Professor Chopra building framework for machine learning to create better drugs (12.19.2019)

Graduate Student Awarded Molecular Sciences Fellowship (12.12.2019)

Chemistry Professor Gaurav Chopra wins multiple ASPIRE Awards (12.12.2019)

Your food may help make stickier, safer glues for laptops, packaging, furniture (12.05.2019)

Wall Street Journal lists Purdue No. 3 nationally, No. 6 globally in startup creation from university technologies (11.21.2019)

Professor David Thompson: Lomustine establishes proof of principle for resolving cancer drug shortages (11.08.2019)

Watch Video of Sabre Kais' McCoy Lecture (10.28.2019)

Professor McLuckey and team awarded with unique NSF Special Creativity Extension (10.23.2019)

Chemistry undergrad selected as Astronaut Scholar (10.21.2019)

Scientific Glass Blowing Lab Photo Feature (10.16.2019)

Drug discovery platform by Professor Chopra may provide new options for treating mental health illnesses (10.15.2019)

Trustees approve STEM atrium named for Nobel Prize recipient Ei-Ichi Negishi (10.10.2019)

Professors Cooks and Wirth along with several Chemistry alums included in 2019 Analytical Power List (10.10.2019)

Professor Julia Laskin part of national effort to focus on mapping human body on cellular level (10.09.2019)

Glass Lab hosts Regional Meeting (10.02.2019)

Kissinger presented Sagamore of the Wabash (09.25.2019)

Professor Simpson leads collaborative measurement science initiatives (09.20.2019)

Professor Ramachandran and team use nanochains to improve batteries (09.19.2019)

Professor Simpson is attacking spectra to improve data analysis (08.30.2019)

Kissinger awarded Wetherill Medal (08.21.2019)

In Memoriam: Dale W. Margerum (08.16.2019)

Professor Julia Laskin develops a new type of lens for expanded uses of large ions and building blocks for new materials (08.15.2019)

Study abroad trip to Colombia (08.07.2019)

Watch a demo of Professor Chopra's virtual reality-based drug discovery and chemical education game (08.02.2019)

Professor Kais is analyzing quantum entanglement in chemical reactions (08.02.2019)

Innovative nanomaterials research in Professor Claridge's Lab (07.25.2019)

Professor Sintim startup targets cancer and other diseases (07.18.2019)

Science Outreach sponsors high school trip to research conference (07.18.2019)

Professor Kais leads Discovery Park’s Purdue Quantum Science Workshop (07.11.2019)

Professor Simpson named Associate Dean (06.27.2019)

Ei-ichi Negishi Retirement Celebration (05.24.2019)

Tyler Trent’s donated cells to help trio of new research projects (05.21.2019)

Professor Kais receives McCoy Research Award (05.16.2019)

Professor Towns awarded RSC Nyholm Prize (05.15.2019)

Helium shortage bad for parties and hospital patients (05.13.2019)

Professor Chmielewski honored with Graduate Mentoring Award (05.10.2019)

What is next for our Class of 2019 Seniors (05.10.2019)

Professor Uyeda receives Dreyfus Award (05.09.2019)

New digital filter approach aims to improve chemical measurements, provide more accurate information (05.02.2019)

Professor Towns wins Jefferson Award (04.30.2019)

Purdue startup works to unlock medical mysteries (04.26.2019)

Harwood honored with University teaching award (03.20.2019)

Researchers at Purdue Center for Cancer Research develop innovative, more cost-effective method to make drugs (03.07.2019)

Purdue startup's goal: heal broken bones faster (03.04.2019)

Chemists explore the periodic table’s actinide frontier (03.04.2019)

Your Town Friday, March Madness edition: Purdue University (03.01.2019)

When support becomes pressure (03.01.2019)

Tackling superbugs (02.27.2019)

Faster imaging, better drugs (02.27.2019)

Flipping the view: New microscope offers options for drug discovery, safety and effectiveness (02.27.2019)

Injectable pharmaceutical aims to accelerate bone healing, receives international recognition (02.26.2019)

2019 College of Science Alumni Awards (02.26.2019)

Professor Uyeda discovers method for making five-carbon rings (02.22.2019)

ACS Student Chapter Award (02.18.2019)

Complexes made with many uranium-metal bonds (02.09.2019)

Method separates intact antibody-drug conjugates (02.01.2019)

Professor Bodner Retirement Celebration (02.01.2019)

Purdue Students Move To Mars For Two Weeks (01.31.2019)

Drug compound could be next-generation treatment for aggressive form of leukemia (01.28.2019)

Newly consolidated mass spectrometry research cores coordinate biological analysis on campus (01.24.2019)

Animal, plant biology aids in improving electronic and energy conversion devices, Purdue discovers (01.23.2019)

Are we killing the cure? (01.22.2019)

Bonding in Chemistry: Surprising Results from an Ordinary Glovebox (01.22.2019)

Cooking chemistry has a taste for making glue (01.18.2019)

Purdue-affiliated Brightlamp launches smartphone app that can rapidly monitor the brain for signs of concussion (01.17.2019)

Professor Wilker's popular Ted Talk (01.09.2019)

Seven Purdue-affiliated startups receive investments totaling $200,000 from Elevate Purdue Foundry Fund (12.18.2018)

Purdue discovery nominated for 2018 molecule of the year (12.12.2018)

Chemistry undergrad joins Mars simulation facility mission (12.12.2018)

Dor Ben-Amotz named Distinguished Professor of Chemistry (12.07.2018)

High-temperature electronics (12.06.2018)

Purdue research aims to solve a sticky situation for beauty products, salons (12.04.2018)

Teaching chemistry students to use the labs of the future (12.02.2018)

Amazon Basin Discovery (11.27.2018)

Graduate Students Learn Precision Machining (11.21.2018)

New definitions for the kilogram and mole (11.16.2018)

Successful Purdue entrepreneurs provide targeted advice to faculty and staff entrepreneurs entering startup world (11.08.2018)

Researchers make discoveries count as entrepreneurs (10.31.2018)

International firms have now acquired nine Purdue startups for tech strength (10.22.2018)

Alumnus Darryl Boyd: Talented 12 Video Presentation (10.22.2018)

Alumni Feature: Goodyear Scientist/Executive John Lawrence (10.18.2018)

Faster, liquid biopsies could replace invasive, tissue cancer detections (10.18.2018)

Purdue drug discovery aims to find better drug ‘fits,’ avoid medication tragedies like thalidomide (10.15.2018)

Purdue researchers file nanobubble patents to help cure cancer (10.15.2018)

Quantum computers tackle big data with machine learning (10.12.2018)

Purdue researchers hope deadly MRSA superbugs take the bait (10.11.2018)

Footprints: Ei-ichi Negishi (10.04.2018)

Alumna wins MacArthur Grant (10.04.2018)

Cancer researchers at Purdue aim to take the ‘accelerator’ off aggressive prostate and other deadly tumors (10.03.2018)

Department of Energy funding for Quantum Information Science (09.26.2018)

New Technology for Molecular Imaging of Human Tissues (09.26.2018)

Purdue Quantum Center projects picked for NSF initiative (09.24.2018)

Deborah Blum talks about her new book The Poison Squad (09.21.2018)

AP Friday Science Outreach Continues This Year (09.20.2018)

Undergraduate biochemistry student awarded Astronaut Scholarship (09.19.2018)

$1.7 million SBIR grant fast-tracks faster bone fracture healing (09.18.2018)

2018 Chemistry Show (09.15.2018)

Underwater glue could provide safer, sustainable solution for $100 billion industries (09.10.2018)

How Merck and Purdue have teamed up to solve measurement challenges (09.03.2018)

Alumnus Darryl A. Boyd named Talented Twelve (08.20.2018)

Grad Student awarded American Heart Association Predoctoral Fellowship (07.25.2018)

Disease Diagnostic Inventors Challenge (07.25.2018)

Waters Corp. obtains rights to mass spectrometry imaging invented at Purdue (07.23.2018)

2018 Incoming Graduate Class (07.23.2018)

How a Phone Call from H.C. Brown Changed a Young Chemist’s Career (07.02.2018)

Cooks Group Receives Gift from Agilent (06.26.2018)

External Advisory Board for Diversity Weekend (06.18.2018)

Triboluminescence at Purdue (06.15.2018)

New compound shown to be as effective as FDA-approved drugs against life-threatening infections (06.15.2018)

How to use paint strippers with hazardous chemicals safely (06.08.2018)

Link between bacteria metabolism and communication could pave way for new antivirulence drugs (06.01.2018)

Link between bacteria metabolism and communication could pave way for new antivirulence drugs (06.01.2018)

Mini mass specs are still looking for an audience (05.28.2018)

Expanding the repertoire of ion traps (05.28.2018)

Small molecule could help modulate the microbiome (05.16.2018)

Molecules enhanced by electromagnetic fields (05.15.2018)

Sticky stuff of shellfish might hold secrets to better glue (05.14.2018)

Clinical Chemistry: The Road to N=1 (05.14.2018)

Smashing drugs illuminates troublesome microcrystals (05.10.2018)

Biomimicry at the Beach: Jonathan Wilker (05.08.2018)

Oysters: One animal, two glues (05.07.2018)

Purdue researchers create a new instrument to rapidly test whether drugs contain trace crystallinity (05.03.2018)

Serine octamer reveals its structure (05.03.2018)

Discovery Park announces Integrative Data Science Initiative research proposal finalists: Sabre Kais (04.27.2018)

Chemistry Undergrad Commencement Speaker (04.27.2018)

Professor Lipton Murphy Award Interview (04.26.2018)

Undergrad Named Fulbright Scholar (04.16.2018)

Grad Students awarded NSF Fellowships (04.03.2018)

Cancer Research Award for Graham Cooks and David Thompson (04.03.2018)

Professor Bodner receives national ACS award (03.29.2018)

2018 Distinguished Alumni Award (03.27.2018)

College of Science Awards (03.07.2018)

Award-Winning Alumnus Shares Analytical Insight (02.27.2018)

Shepson named Dean at SoMAS (02.26.2018)

Inventors & Innovators Herbert Brown (02.23.2018)

Professor Huang researches atomically thin building blocks that could make optoelectrical devices more efficient (02.22.2018)

Purdue targeted drug combination could expedite bone fracture healing (02.20.2018)

Professor Das PI4D research accomplishments (01.31.2018)

Professor Cooks partners with NSWC Crane (01.23.2018)

Dept. Head Hrycyna named 150th Anniversary Professor (01.22.2018)

Provost Office awards 1 million to improve instructional equipment (01.19.2018)

A New Instrument to Crush Crystals (01.18.2018)

A popular tool for drug discovery just got 10 times faster (01.17.2018)

Professor Huang researches organic solar cells (01.16.2018)

Professor Low featured in The Hindu (01.13.2018)

Professor Bodner ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry (01.08.2018)

Alumna Valerie J. Kuck wins ACS Medal (01.08.2018)

Novosteo is developing drug combination to expedite the healing of bone fractures (01.05.2018)

Molecular imaging technique identifies lung nodules for resection in osteosarcoma patient (01.05.2018)

Holiday Greetings! (12.21.2017)

Top 10 Purdue research news stories in 2017 (12.20.2017)

Science Outreach Program Brings Indiana AP High School Students to Campus (12.19.2017)

Professor Cooks interview in Analytical Scientist (12.15.2017)

New STEM lab facility gains trustee approval (12.08.2017)

Faculty members receive Showalter funding (11.30.2017)

Lab Longevity for Alumnus (11.28.2017)

Prof Cooks microdroplets rev up reactions (11.20.2017)

Alumnus Zhong-Yin Zhang elected AAAS (11.20.2017)

Commercialization Leadership in Chemistry (11.17.2017)

Prof Bart named Inorganic Chemistry associate editor (11.15.2017)

Alumnus CNR Rao receives materials award (11.10.2017)

New science teaching lab facility (11.02.2017)

Intramural Champions (11.02.2017)

On Target Labs secures financing (11.01.2017)

Outstanding Oral Presentation (10.31.2017)

2017 McCoy Lecture (10.30.2017)

Undergraduate Research Award (10.26.2017)

Novosteo Video of Drug Development (10.03.2017)

Dr. Cooks receives Aston Medal (09.21.2017)

New kinase detection method helps identify targets for developing cancer drugs (09.20.2017)

Spectrometers could improve point-of-care patient diagnosis (09.19.2017)

Dr. Li part of NSF funded center at Purdue (09.12.2017)

Measuring Iodine in the Arctic (09.06.2017)

2017 Outstanding Alumni (09.06.2017)

Bonding with actinides (08.24.2017)

Preparing for the solar eclipse (08.17.2017)

Artificial DNA structures (08.10.2017)

A tool to analyze cancerous tissue samples (07.26.2017)

NMR Facility Adds New Spectrometer (07.19.2017)

Purdue experts gather at Wolf Park to talk about climate change (07.14.2017)

2017 Incoming Graduate Class (07.14.2017)

On Target Labs cancer illuminating technology (07.13.2017)

Iota Sigma Pi hosts Indy Meeting (07.12.2017)

Celebrating Mass Spectrometry at Purdue (06.26.2017)

Prof. Timothy Zwier receives Humboldt Research Award (06.19.2017)

Thompson receives ORAU Junior Faculty Award (06.07.2017)

The sticky side of sea creatures (05.19.2017)

Alum presented honor by Prince Charles (05.15.2017)

Professor Towns appointed faculty athletic representative (05.11.2017)

Professor Chmielewski McCoy Research Award (05.11.2017)

Professor Hrycyna named Head of Chemistry (05.01.2017)

Faculty NSF CAREER Awards (04.28.2017)

Niemann-Pick disease research (04.28.2017)

Inhibiting cancer enzymes (04.25.2017)

Wilmeth Active Learning Center (04.12.2017)

Using digital badges in undergrad labs (04.11.2017)

Improving efficiency of solar cells (04.06.2017)

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award (04.05.2017)

Drug Delivery Platform for Cell Therapy (04.03.2017)

Novel device enables blood collection (03.30.2017)

Purdue Nobel laureate will welcome students from his alma mater (03.23.2017)

Purdue and IU team up to create prostate cancer detection device (03.15.2017)

Estimates of emissions from natural gas-fueled plants much too low, study finds (03.13.2017)

New biomimetic glue shows high-strength bonding under water (03.09.2017)

Breakthrough blood test feasible for detecting cancer (03.07.2017)

Leading-edge technologies ready to license (02.27.2017)

Prof. Kenttämaa research project funded through U.S. Navy partnership (02.27.2017)

Analytical grad student wins best paper award (02.08.2017)

Analytical Grad Student receives Best Paper Award (02.08.2017)

Funding for broad-spectrum antibiotic (01.31.2017)

Making aptamers with biology’s help (01.19.2017)

Potential non-toxic adhesive (01.17.2017)

Professor Claridge named DuPont Young Professor (01.17.2017)

Children underrepresented in drug research (01.12.2017)

NOBCChE cultivates young scientists (01.09.2017)

Lipid metabolism is potential Achilles heel for cancer stem cells (01.03.2017)

Professor Marcy Towns presented ACS Award for Achievement in Research for the Teaching and Learning of Chemistry (01.02.2017)

X-ray Facility Adds Two New Instruments (12.22.2016)

Tuberculosis virulence factor identified (12.13.2016)

Remembering Jonathan Amy 1923-2016 (12.06.2016)

Student startup offers app (11.29.2016)

Holiday Break Reminder (11.29.2016)

Sumitomo Chemical and Purdue Projects (11.28.2016)

Chorafas Award (11.28.2016)

Violet Haas Award (11.22.2016)

2016 AAAS Fellows (11.21.2016)

CNR Rao Interview (11.16.2016)

McLuckey Winning Streak (11.15.2016)

Pinpoint hard-to-find cancer biomarker (11.15.2016)

Distinguished Professor Named (11.14.2016)

Purdue lab glove recycling success (11.11.2016)

Young Scientist Award (11.01.2016)

Teaching Academy Members Inducted (11.01.2016)

Lilly and Purdue Team Up (10.27.2016)

Multi-Anvil Press (10.26.2016)

United Way Thumbs Up (10.14.2016)

50 Best Chemistry Programs (10.13.2016)

Wetherill Gift History (10.09.2016)

Nobel Prize Reflection (10.04.2016)

Slipchenko Inspiring Women in STEM (09.30.2016)

Science Express News (09.29.2016)

Reduce Marine Biofouling (09.29.2016)

Virtual Reality-Based Drug Discovery Game (09.28.2016)

Photothermal Effect Imaging (09.28.2016)

Special Boilermaker Award (09.28.2016)

Large Tymora Grant for Cancer Research (09.27.2016)

Safer, cheaper production of amine-boranes (09.20.2016)

A top department for female faculty (09.12.2016)

2016 Chemistry Show (09.08.2016)

Software to predict structure of a drug (08.17.2016)

Boron chemistry branches out (07.25.2016)

Chemical Cycles Field Notes (06.30.2016)

Where in the World (06.29.2016)

The Brains Behind It All (06.29.2016)

NSF Summer Analytical Research Experience (06.29.2016)

Natural Chemistry (06.29.2016)

2016 Incoming Graduate Class (06.29.2016)

Greater HPLC speed and accuracy (06.13.2016)

Purdue to initiate College of Science dean search (06.09.2016)

Chemistry Student-Athletes earn Academic Big Ten Honors (06.01.2016)

Chemistry Alum visits White House (05.20.2016)

Microscopy technique quickly distinguishes crystal polymorphs (05.16.2016)

Research points to a new treatment for pancreatic cancer (05.03.2016)

Frank Brown presented Pinnacle Award (05.02.2016)

Top Chemistry Students recognized at Commencement (04.28.2016)

Exceptional Early Career Award Shelley Claridge (04.22.2016)

Purdue research may expand engineered T-cell cancer treatment (04.20.2016)

Light up cancer research technology receives over 5 million in funding (04.20.2016)

A single enzyme with the power of three could offer shortcut to therapeutic target (04.18.2016)

Lab Glove Recycling Award (04.15.2016)

McLuckey awarded Thomson Medal (04.05.2016)

2016 Distinguished Alumni (03.28.2016)

McLuckey receives ASMS honor (03.25.2016)

Claridge receives Exceptional Early Career Award (03.25.2016)

Nickel catalyst converts tough plant lignin into valuable chemicals (03.14.2016)

Cheap catalyst converts plants into valuable chemicals (03.03.2016)

Wilker research featured in Allure Magazine (03.01.2016)

Pinpointing double bonds in lipids (02.29.2016)

Grad Students plan ACS Seminar (02.25.2016)

Prof. Uyeda awarded Sloan Fellowship (02.24.2016)

Analytical Tool for faster Cancer Diagnosis (02.24.2016)

Research Experience for Undergraduates (02.16.2016)

Matthias Zeller new X-ray Crystallographer (02.16.2016)

Innovative non-toxic polymer (02.12.2016)

Prof Cooks receives unique 3-D gift (02.01.2016)

Purdue technology startups improve cancer treatments patient outcomes (01.26.2016)

Stay Eternally Optimistic Says Nobel Laureate (01.21.2016)

Did You Know NMR Facility (01.13.2016)

Donna Nelson begins 2016 ACS term (01.06.2016)

Amazing Machines 101 (12.28.2015)

Top Technical Advances 2015 (12.24.2015)

Resource Room Space Remodeled (12.21.2015)

Kenttämaa promoted to Distinguished Professor (12.19.2015)

Startup evaluates Purdue drug compounds (12.16.2015)

Holiday Break Reminder (12.03.2015)

Diversity Transformation Award (11.30.2015)

Zwier elected AAAS Fellow (11.24.2015)

Chemistry outreach celebrates a quarter-century of visiting Indiana classrooms (11.23.2015)

Highlights from Prof. Ghosh's McCoy Lecture (11.13.2015)

Instructional Innovation Program Grant (11.13.2015)

Dendrimers targeting treatment for cancer (11.11.2015)

Tantama wins NIH grant (11.10.2015)

Purdue Honors Patent Recipients (11.06.2015)

Raman Imaging In A Different Light (11.02.2015)

New imaging technology for medical diagnostics (10.30.2015)

Analytical Road Warriors (10.28.2015)

Purdue Foundry Fund awards second round of funds to support to Indiana startups (10.27.2015)

Purdue STEM programs ranked in the Top 10 nationally (10.15.2015)

Innovation accelerates drug discovery (10.15.2015)

Sintim named Drug Discovery Professor of Chemistry (10.09.2015)

From theory to reality College of Science delves into 3-D printing (10.07.2015)

2015 Chemistry Show (10.03.2015)

Miniature mass spec for biomedical analysis (09.29.2015)

Highlights of 2015 Outstanding Alumni Reception (09.28.2015)

Ghosh receives McCoy Award (09.22.2015)

Pharmaceutical startup participates in ACS program (09.15.2015)

Drug Discovery solidifying team (09.09.2015)

New Assistant Head (07.30.2015)

Glove Recycling Program (07.29.2015)

Tymora Analytical Operations receives large grant (07.28.2015)

Negishi 80th Birthday Celebration (07.16.2015) awards Purdue startup (07.06.2015)

ASMS Postdoc Award (06.30.2015)

Summer Research Program (06.29.2015)

NMR Spectrometer in Drug Discovery (06.23.2015)

Purdue startup NIH grant for cancer diagnostic technology (06.11.2015)

Dr. Wild announces retirement (05.28.2015)

Professor Cooks on WBAA (05.14.2015)

Handheld Sensing Tool (05.14.2015)

Chemistry senior volunteer experience led to new career path (05.06.2015)

Purdue Golfer Kim benefiting from changes (05.05.2015)

Hydrophobic Ambivalence, Teetering on the Edge of Randomness (05.04.2015)

Cooks elected to National Academy of Sciences (04.30.2015)

Coach Painter Charity Win Could Keep Research Dollars Close To Home (04.23.2015)

Chemistry student wins national Goldwater Scholarship (04.23.2015)

3 Purdue students to present their research on Capitol Hill (04.20.2015)

Seeking Analytical Chemists (03.30.2015)

Microsecond Raman imaging might probe cells, organs for disease (03.30.2015)

Polymers, secrets from the deep sea (03.26.2015)

Scientists turn wastewood into fuel and artificial vanilla flavorings (03.24.2015)

Purdue professor wins national cancer research award (03.19.2015)

Shrinking The Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (03.09.2015)

Spero Energy takes top spots at Business Plan Competition (02.19.2015)

Raman Technique Helps Surgeons Excise Brain Cancer (02.16.2015)

Alum wins Herbert C. Brown Award For Creative Research In Synthetic Methods (02.16.2015)

Keck Foundation to fund Purdue research into spectroscopic imaging (02.09.2015)

ACS Award For Creative Advances In Environmental Science and Technology (02.09.2015)

Purdue women make mark as innovators, entrepreneurs (02.04.2015)

George and Christine Sosnovsky Award For Cancer Research (02.02.2015)

Field, Franklin Award For Outstanding Achievement In Mass Spectrometry (01.26.2015)

Nature'Design (01.15.2015)

Professor plays music, passes out candy and brings dog to final exam (01.14.2015)

Two Purdue innovators named to Forbes 30 Under 30 (01.09.2015)

Purdue professors elected as fellows of National Academy of Inventors (12.17.2014)

New conversion process turns biomass waste into lucrative chemical products (12.17.2014)

New conversion process turns biomass into lucrative chemical products (12.17.2014)

DESI turns 10 (12.15.2014)

Purdue recruiting more out-of-state students (11.29.2014)

Fat detecting sensor could help diagnose heart disease (11.25.2014)

New technology could light up cancer cells during surgery (11.19.2014)

Purdue Profiles, Mingji Dai (11.18.2014)

Student Preparing for Military Deployment (10.31.2014)

Why plants don’t get sunburn (10.29.2014)

Purdue-based startup shines light on heart disease severity, location (10.28.2014)

In Memoriam: Chemistry Alumnus and Manhattan Project Researcher (10.28.2014)

Did You Know? Leighty Commons (10.17.2014)

NIH awards $640,000 grant to improve diagnosis of diseases before onset of symptoms (10.15.2014)

NIH awards $1 million grant to life sciences firm in Purdue Research Park (10.01.2014)

Purdue alumnus C.N.R. Rao returns to campus for lecture (09.19.2014)

Natural gas alone is not magic weapon against climate change (09.15.2014)

Discovery Park celebrates opening of Drug Discovery Building (09.05.2014)

Quantum Chemistry’s Modular Movement (08.25.2014)

Did You Know? Analytical chemistry at Purdue (08.20.2014)

Water molecules favor negative charges (07.16.2014)

Purdue-designed tool helps guide brain cancer surgery (07.09.2014)

2017 Distinguished Alumni Award (06.27.2014)

Professor Cooks and former student win Nobel Signature Award for Graduate Education in Chemistry (05.27.2014)

Jonathan Amy presented Honorary Doctorate (05.12.2014)

Negishi Sculpture Unveiling (04.19.2014)

A few 'problem wells' source of greenhouse gas at unexpected stage of natural gas production (04.14.2014)

Purdue researchers launch innovative biomass renewable energy company (03.27.2014)

Nanotube coating helps shrink mass spectrometers (03.25.2014)

Analytical classroom stretches across the state (03.24.2014)

Chasity Love (03.23.2014)

discovery leads to Endocyte drug that receives positive opinion from EU regulatory body (03.21.2014)

Purdue, Houston Methodist partner to take drug discoveries from the 'bench top to the bedside' (03.13.2014)

High cholesterol in prostate tumours (03.12.2014)

Nobel Laureate Signature Award For Graduate Education In Chemistry (02.24.2014)

Professor Thompson studying neurodegenerative disorder (02.17.2014)

Harrison Teacher picked for Science Teacher Fellowship (02.06.2014)

2013 Dreyfus Prize for Prof. Cooks (02.05.2014)

2014 Forty Under 40: Ayanna Jackson (02.01.2014)

New Strategy Emerges for fighting Drug-resistant Malaria (01.28.2014)

George C. Pimentel Award In Chemical Education (01.27.2014)

Purdue begins search for next provost (01.10.2014)

Negishi appointed Executive Research Advisor at Sony Corporation (12.13.2010)

Negishi Receives Nobel Medal at Ceremony (12.10.2010)

Blind scholar, entrepreneur shares tips to increase students' interest in the sciences (12.01.2010)

Negishi traveling to Stockholm to receive Nobel Prize (12.01.2010)

Imaging tool to screen tiny tubes (11.17.2010)

Nobel Prize winners meet on campus (11.11.2010)

Negishi wins Japan's highest cultural honor (10.27.2010)

Shepson and Purdue Team Test New Aviation Fuel (10.26.2010)

2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (10.11.2010)

2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry (10.06.2010)

NSF Quantum Information Science Funding (09.30.2010)

Discovering How Nature Makes Materials (09.20.2010)

Francisco serves on President's Committee (09.20.2010)

Purdue-IU team uncovers potential prostate cancer marker (08.06.2010)

American Chemical Society Awards • 2010 Boston (08.05.2010)

Purdue Graduate assisting Coast Guard during Gulf Oil Spill Response (06.28.2010)

Gates Foundation Grant to Study Malaria Drug Resistance (05.19.2010)

Cooks & Francisco Inducted into AAAS (05.05.2010)

Chmielewski receives 2010 Murphy Teaching Award (04.29.2010)

Dr. Swaminathan Sivaram receives honorary doctorate degree (04.28.2010)

Professor Arun Ghosh Awarded the 2010 IUPAC-Richter Prize (04.16.2010)

Dr. William E. Moore • 2010 College of Science Distinguished Alumni (03.30.2010)

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Research (03.24.2010)

Francisco featured in national magazine advertisement (02.12.2010)

Lyudmila Slipchenko wins NSF CAREER award (01.19.2010)

Organometallic Molecular Wire Research (01.15.2010)

Chen Yang wins 2009 NSF Early-CAREER award (01.14.2010)

Francisco leads ACS (01.05.2010)