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Chemistry Undergrad Commencement Speaker


Writer(s): Steve Scherer


Chemistry senior Eric Klipsch will be the student responder in the Friday (Division II) commencement ceremony. His address will focus on communicating science to the broader world.

The Evansville native was involved in many activities at Purdue.

Klipsch was an undergraduate researcher in Professor Angeline Lyon’s group for two years where he learned to connect the lab experience and his coursework.

“I saw firsthand how practical experience can be the best teacher. Upon taking biochemistry classes as undergrad, I was able to recognize and better understand the procedures that I would perform in lab,” Klipsch said.

Klipsch also participated in a study abroad program in Madrid during the second semester of his junior year.

“This was an incredible experience that greatly broadened my cultural perspective and helped me make some of my closest friends. I was able to travel much of Europe all while studying in one of Spain’s major metropolitan areas,” he explained.

Since his sophomore year, Klipsch has routinely volunteered in the Gennesaret Free Clinics located in Indianapolis, where they provide free medical care to the homeless and impoverished of Indianapolis.

“I volunteer in the mobile clinic and the bilingual clinic as a clerk and translator. As I move forward in my medical career, I hope to continue to be involved in free clinics and even take part in establishing one if the need is there,” he added.

Klipsch will attend IU School of Medicine in the fall, where he plans to further specialize in cardiology or general surgery after medical school.

“Purdue has felt like a home to me these past four years. It is a big school, but has the amazing ability to feel small in the best way,” he said.

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