About the department

The most recent U.S. News and World Report ranking of chemistry departments places Purdue at #27 nationally, with our analytical chemistry program ranked #1 in the country. The Shanghai world-rankings lists our department #18 in the country and #44 world-wide.

The vast majority of departmental courses at all levels are taught by tenure-track faculty, the teaching laboratories and equipment are regularly upgraded, a complete range of undergraduate and graduate course offerings (including undergraduate research) are provided, and undergraduate degrees with specialty emphasis (including B.S.- certification by the American Chemical Society) are a valued part of the curriculum.  The department recently became the first in the U.S. whose program is approved by the Royal Society of Chemistry.  Finally, the Department remains committed to K-12 education through teacher training and outreach activities that include the nationally-recognized Science Express program.

Our graduate program is among the largest in the country, often topping the list of institutions that graduate the most Ph.D. chemists. We take the responsibility of graduate education very seriously, taking advantage of our large faculty size to offer a wide range of graduate courses both at foundational and advanced levels. We also are working diligently to provide our students with unique opportunities to prepare themselves for their careers following graduate school.  This past summer, we piloted a set of three workshops and hands-on experiences, and enabled its regular participants to apply for funding to pursue a graduate career development activity of their choice.  The Department also encourages its students to engage in entrepreneurial activities, such as the Burton Morgan Competition and the Foundry

The Chemistry Department also has an outstanding tradition in transferring new knowledge and technologies generated from its research for the benefit of local, state, and national economies.  In addition to the substantial impact arising from publication of research findings in the open literature, faculty and staff in the Department have played key roles in the creation of more than 20 start-up companies and in the development of intellectual property that the University has subsequently licensed to the commercial sector.