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Safety Coordinator

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Department Safety Coordinator
Paul Bower               Office:  WTHR 173
Office: (765) 494-5472     Cell: (765) 543-3790


Graduate Safety TA:     Lynn Krushinski 

                                         Dane Wagner 


What's NEW on our Safety Mission?

Annual Safety Training Renewals! --> Due by June 28th.   June is the time for All of Us to complete our Annual Safety Training, which for most of us includes the HSI "Purdue - Lab Safety Fundamentals" module, plus the PPE & BEP Certificates.  These all need to be submitted to Paul Bower in either digital or paper forms.  For those who do not work with chemicals, the only requirements are the BEP and the Hazard Communication Awareness Training.  Use the "Safety Training Tab" at top-left to access these training modules and for additional information.


Chemical Archive - Thousands of Available Chemicals (March 2024 update)

     --> SOP for Getting Chemicals from the Chemical Archive

 *DOWNLOAD the Huge Chemical Archive List Here*

New SOP's (Standard Operating Procedures)

Graduate Student Safety Committee Duties (Word)

New 2024 Weekly Eyewash Station Testing (WEST) "Printable Form" now available


General Safety Rules, plus legal requirements for storage, handling, and waste procedures for:

  • Chemicals, Chemical Hygeine Plan (CHP), HazCom, Waste accumulation and disposal
  • Biologicals, Biosafety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Bio-waste procedures
  • Radioisotopes, purchasing and waste disposal, also ionizing radiation producing devices, Xrays, lasers, magnets..

INJURIES! Where Do I Go??

Information on Injuries (CHM = Department 2084)

Chemistry Department Guide for Medical Emergencies (PDF) : Show the Maps of Facilities

Report an Injury

Information and safety policies regarding:

Dates to Remember

  • Safety Training Renewals: May 30 - June 30
  • CFATS Chemicals Reporting - due early-July
  • EHS Safety Inspection of Department - February
  • Self-Audits: May 1 - May 17

"RAMP" - What exactly is RAMP ?

  • Recognize Hazards
  • Assess the Risks
  • Minimize Risk of Hazards
  • Prepare for Emergencies