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Safety Coordinator

Student wearing gloves and goggles 


The Scientific method

chemsafety/docs/Department Chem Archive 07/31/2020.xlsx


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Department Safety Coordinator
Paul Bower
Office:  WTHR 173
(765) 494-5472

MASKS are REQUIRED to be WORN before you Enter Any Chemistry Building!!  No Exceptions!


What's NEW on our Safety Mission?

Chemical Archive - Thousands of Available Chemicals

See Chemical Archive List


New 2021 Weekly Eyewash Station Testing (WEST) now available

Graduate Student Safety Committee Duties (Word)

General Safety Rules, plus legal requirements for storage, handling, and waste procedures for:

  • Chemicals, Chemical Hygeine Plan (CHP), HazCom, Waste accumulation and disposal
  • Biologicals, Biosafety, Bloodborne Pathogens, Bio-waste procedures
  • Radioisotopes, purchasing and waste disposal, also ionizing radiation producing devices, Xrays, lasers, magnets..

INJURIES! Where Do I Go?

Information on Injuries (CHM = Department 1393)

Chemistry Department Guide for Medical Emergencies: includes MAP (PDF)

Information and safety policies regarding:

Dates to Remember

  • Safety Training Renewals: May 15- June 15
  • CFATS Chemicals Reporting - due early-May
  • REM Safety Inspection of Department - June
  • Self-Audits: October 1- October 22

The Scientific Method

  • Theory - Defining the Scope of Research
  • Prediction - Identifying and Evaluating Hazards
  • Experiment - Performing the Work using the Defined Controls
  • Observation - Identifying Lessons to be Learned