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Safety Committee

What ARE the Responsibilities of the Safety Rep?   See the 7-Page Document HERE


Safety Committee & Group Safety Reps ROSTER  (August 3, 2022 update)

Chemistry Grad Student Safety Committee ROSTER


Changes to Group Safety Rep: Fill out this Word document, then submit to Paul Bower at WTHR 173


ISP Self-Audit forms are HERE

You may want to check out last years Self-Audit List to see which rooms you were responsible for, which is linked below.


Lab Safety Postings

Lab Safety Postings - What are they? (PowerPoint Slides)

    --> Contains information about Room Rules, Hazard Assessments, Emergency Assembly Areas, 24 Hour Contact info

Hazard Assessments template

Room Rules Template

2022 Weekly Eyewash Station Checklog (WEST): Eyewash Checklog

SOP for Lab Decommissioning: Decommissioning Labs 2022 (PDF)


Previous Self-Audits 2021

Previous Self-Audits 2020

Previous Self-Audits 2019

Previous  Self-Audits 2018


Department Safety Policy

Safety Committee Business