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Safety Training & Classes

Open the Department of Chemistry TRAINING RECORDS (Excel file updated 12/09/2020)

So, What Safety Training Do I Need? 

Go to the Chemistry Training webpage to determine which Dept. of Chemistry & University Safety Training requirements apply to you.

CHM 60500 -- A 7-Week Fall Safety Course required by several graduate degree programs, including those of Chemistry, MCMP, HSCI, and IPPH.

CHM 19700 -- Chemistry Freshman Honors Research.  Safety information and training requirements. 

CHM 49900 -- Special Assignments in Undergraduate Research (required to attend one CHP2 1-hour Live Safety Training session) 


Safety Seminars, Workshop, and video training opportunities

Lab Safety Fundamentals (LSF): The Huge LSF Version is only required the first year!  Afterwards, you take the shorter Modules, which must include the Lab Safety Refresher, the Slips, Trips & Falls training, and the Office Ergonomics training.  Of the remaining 7 other safety modules, you only need to do the ones that are relevant to your specific Group.


Specialized Training Available from REM

Laser training has PowerPoint slides on fundamentals, effects on eye & skin, specular & diffuse reflection, non-beam hazards, laser classifications, control measures, common laser injuries, and responsibilities.  There is a test at the end of the module.  There is also a Laser Safety Retraining module that is separate from the Initial training.

Bloodborn Pathogens (BBP) has training the 3rd Thursday of the Month from 1:30-2:00 at PUSH B-41.

Radiation has training for Electron Capture Detectors, general radiation/Open sources, and Sealed sources.

Liquid Nitrogen has PowerPoint slides for safe handling, characteristics & hazards, PPE, exposure, containers, and safety procedures.

BioHazards has PowerPoint slides for PPE, waste handling, safety cabinets & laminar flow clean benches, biohazard spills, and security.

Additional Safety Training from REM


Other chemical safety training small group meetings by request, email