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Liquid Nitrogen

The Policy for Acquiring Liquid Nitrogen

Small Self-Serve Dewars

For those who need to fill their smaller dewars with Liquid Nitrogen, a new policy is in effect.  The door leading from inside the building in BRWN 1182 to the outside, where the liquid nitrogen self-serve tank is located, is now LOCKED.  For those who wish to have access to the tank, the following must be done:

Download the "Liquid Nitrogen Safety Worksheet" (PDF)

Answer all of the questions on the Worksheet (it must be handwritten, and not computer generated), then submit it to Paul Bower (or place in the wooden box - it is Locked) at WTHR 173.

Once this Worksheet is successfully completed, the Main Office will be notified of the individuals name & Purdue ID number.

They will then be entered into the door-lock database by iTap, and will then have access to the outside self-serve tank with their Purdue ID card.

NOTE!!  The electronic swipe door will provide us with a log of everyone who entered. Please ensure that you have completed the record of the amount dispensed during your visit.

CHM department students, faculty and staff will have 24/7 access.

Those outside the department will have access only Mon-Fri, 7:30-4:30, and go through the same approval process.

Here is the liquid nitrogen training module from EHS (PowerPoint)


Large Dewar Fills


Drop off your large dewars as usual.  Fill time is at 2:00 pm.

Complete a tag that describes the room number and contact information for the person responsible for the dewar.

NOTE:  Please retrieve your large dewar prior to 4:00 PM of the day of fill-up.  After 4:00 PM, the dewar will be placed outside of BRWN 1182, and thus you will need access to the outside door card swipe (see above for instructions on how to get access).

Bring your dewar to the dock area (BRWN 1182) during the morning of the day you need to have it filled.  BRWN 1182 is not a storeroom.  Don't stash your dewars there.

Users of liquid nitrogen from other campus buildings must be physically present before the dewar can be filled, remain there until it is filled, and have proper transportation to move it out of the building immediately afterwards.  We will not fill for outside users if they are not present to remove the dewar.