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One of the signature strengths of our faculty is its active involvement in research leading to intellectual property and to results and innovations with market potential.

  • Purdue is #1 in technology transfer and startup creation among U.S. universities without a medical school.
  • #3 in the U.S. for startup creation. (IPWatchdog Institute)
  • 4th-most startups based on university intellectual property among U.S. universities in FY 2016.
  • Purdue filed the 34th-most international patents of any university in the world in 2017.
  • Purdue received the 12th-most utility patents of any university in the world in 2016.
  • 135 licensing deals for Purdue intellectual property in FY 2017.

Here are companies started by Chemistry Faculty:

  • BioAnalytical Systems, Inc. (BASi) Peter Kissinger
  • Phlebotics Peter Kissinger
  • Monarch Life Sciences Peter Kissinger
  • Endocyte, Inc. Philip Low
  • On Target Laboratories Philip Low
  • HuLow LLC Philip Low
  • PathoChip Inc. Philip Low, Alex Wei
  • IV Diagnostics, Inc. Philip Low
  • Griffin Analytical Technologies (FLIR) R. Graham Cooks, Paul Shepson
  • Prosolia, Inc. R. Graham Cooks
  • QuantIon Technologics R. Graham Cooks
  • SpectraCode, Inc. (Digilab) Dor Ben Amotz
  • Tienta, Inc. Dor Ben Amotz
  • Inproteo Peter Kissinger, Dor Ben-Amotz
  • BioVidria Mary Wirth
  • BG Medicine Fred Regnier, Scott McLuckey
  • Jewell Laboratories LLC David Thompson
  • Pandion Laboratories LLC David Thompson
  • Enhance Therapy David Thompson
  • PurSpec Technologies Zheng Ouyang, R. Graham Cooks
  • Savran Technologies Philip Low
  • Monojul Philip Low
  • Jewell Laboratories David Thompson
  • Akanocure Pharmaceuticals Phil Fuchs

Companies that have licenses with the Purdue Research Foundation based on Chemistry IP:

  • Formulatrix Garth Simpson
  • Prosolia R. Graham Cooks
  • Thermo Scientific R. Graham Cooks
  • Endocyte Philip Low
  • On Target Laboratories Philip Low
  • bioVidria Mary Wirth
  • FLIR R. Graham Cooks, Peter Kissinger
  • StemcentRx Arun Ghosh
  • Siemens R. Graham Cooks
  • KinaRx Herman Sintim