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Mission & Vision


The Department of Chemistry at Purdue University serves the local community, the State of Indiana and the rest of the world through leadership in the chemical sciences, fundamental research that extends the boundaries of scientific knowledge, education of students and commercialization. Our knowledge is further shared widely to enhance the public’s understanding of chemistry through community outreach and support of K-12 education. We achieve these goals in accordance with the principles of inclusion, equity and diversity.


The Department of Chemistry at Purdue University seeks to advance its national and international reputation for both the quality of its undergraduate and graduate instruction and its diverse, dynamic, and innovative research programs. Excellence in core areas will be strengthened in concert with providing opportunities for faculty contributions to interdisciplinary research that addresses global problems. Connections to other research, educational and commercialization efforts will be expanded to increase our visibility and impact within the College of Science, across campus and beyond. Cutting edge and interdisciplinary research efforts will continue to be supported through regular maintenance and upgrades to facilities and instrumentation. The department aims to further distinguish itself through its innovative educational programs for undergraduates, graduate students and postdoctoral fellows in the chemical sciences and outreach activities. A diverse and inclusive student, staff and faculty population will continue to be developed, building on these current strengths in the Department of Chemistry.