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Science immersion: Purdue gives teachers a refresher course


Writer(s): Lisa Jacques, Staff writer

Kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers in Shelbyville Central Schools have begun to benefit from a grant funding an outreach program implemented through the Purdue University College of Science.

Last Wednesday and Thursday, Purdue K-12 College of Science Outreach staff and faculty gave two full days of instruction to a handful of elementary and middle school teachers in SCS. 

Participants spent time working on activities about elements, understanding light, principles of atmospheric science - all content addressed in the Indiana Department of Education accountability standards.

These were follow-up workshops to a two-week program last June, where 45 teachers from Shelbyville and Frankfort participated.

The program has been funded this year by a grant through the Indiana Department of Education called MS-RAPs, a mathematics and science partnership grant involving the DOE, Purdue and SCS intended to increase student achievement in math and science.